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Circuit Installation and Upgrades

As electronic devices become more technologically advanced, and new devices open up new possibilities, aging electrical systems in homes across North America struggle to keep up. Now more than ever is the time to upgrade your circuitry to ensure that you have the capacity to safely support your current and near-future electrical needs.

Is your home or business powered properly for modern demands? Contact your local Mr. Electric® to upgrade your circuits today. Act now, and be on your way to secure, carefree, and continuous electricity.

What Is an Electrical Circuit Overload and How Can I Prevent It?

Electrical circuit overloads happen when more amperage is transferred across an electrical wire than the circuit can handle. For example, if you plug a laser printer into the same outlet as your computer tower, and the circuit doesn’t have enough amperage to support both devices, the circuit breaker will be tripped. A tripped circuit breaker cuts power to all devices using that circuit and brings productivity to a halt.

In order to avoid overloading your circuits and the possibility of electrical fires, outlets and wiring should be upgraded to have sufficient electrical capacity. Let the licensed professionals at Mr. Electric update and install the right circuits in your home or business today.

12 Reasons to Upgrade Your Circuits

  1. Overloaded Outlets
    Do your circuit breakers trip frequently? Are you using too many power strips and extension cords? Do you wish you had more outlets to support your electronics?
  2. Security Systems
    Do you want to install a security system to ward off intruders and keep your family safe? The control panel will need to connect to your home’s electrical system.
  3. Specialty Lighting
    Do you want to add task lighting, recessed lighting, track lighting, accent lighting, mood lighting, wall sconces, or other specialty light fixtures in your home?
  4. Appliances
    Do you need more outlets to plug in your appliances? Do want to put a chest freezer in your basement or a second refrigerator in your garage?
  5. Additional Outdoor Electricity
    Are you adding security or landscape lighting, a pool, a sauna, a steam room, a hot tub, or a new sprinkler system? Do you want a place to plug specifically for your holiday lights?
  6. Ceiling Fans
    Do you want to be able to turn the fan off while leaving the light on with the flip of a switch?
  7. Emergency Generator Installation
    Do you want your home to have continuous power during blackouts? An emergency generator needs a dedicated sub-panel of its own.
  8. Home Entertainment Centers
    Do you have a television, a DVD player, surround sound speakers, a CD player, and gaming systems chugging power in your living room? Do you wish you had the capacity to plug all these things in at once?
  9. Home Office Equipment
    Do you need additional power outlets to support your home office equipment? Do you want to add computer accessibility for your children’s rooms?
  10. Cable or Satellite TV
    Do you want to add cable or satellite television in your bedrooms?
  11. Garage or Workshop
    Are you tired of unplugging and re-plugging in devices in your garage so you can use your power tools? Do you need additional outlets to make your workshop more functional?
  12. Home Efficiency Upgrades
    Are you planning to install solar panels, a solar water heater, or an electric vehicle charging station at your house?

Who Can You Trust for Your New Circuit Installations?

Mr. Electric is ready to make your home or office safer and more functional with licensed circuit installation services you can count on. Get the upgraded electric capacity you need to support all of your electrical needs by scheduling an appointment online or calling (844) 866-1367 today.