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Professional Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement Services in Cary, NC

Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement Services

Most homeowners don’t think about their home’s circuit breaker panel until a problem occurs. However, when a problem does occur, it is usually a major one. If you frequently experience power outages, tripped breakers, or problems using more than one appliance at a time, it is time to schedule an inspection of your home’s circuit breaker panel. Replacing the circuit breaker panel can make your home safer, more energy efficient, and more comfortable. At Mr. Electric of Cary, we specialize in circuit breaker panel replacement in Cary, NC and Raleigh, NC. We will complete a thorough electrical safety inspection to determine if there are any issues with your home’s circuit breakers, electrical panel, or other electrical components. We can then offer our professional recommendation for circuit breaker repair or circuit breaker replacement. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

Professional Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement Services in Cary, NC

Circuit Breaker Panel Replacement Services

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  • Your circuit breaker panel or electrical panel is a metal box that houses all of the circuit breakers for your home. It transmits power from the main power line on your street to your home's outlets, switches, and appliances. The circuit breakers are electrical switches that monitor and control the electrical current sent to each circuit or area of your home. If the circuit breaker detects a higher level of electrical current than what is safe, it switches off the power to that area of your home. You will then have to turn off certain appliances and reset the circuit breaker to restore power to that part of your home. Circuit breakers prevent an overcurrent, overload, or short circuit from occurring in your home. This reduces the risk of electrocution, electric shock, and electrical fires.

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When and Why Do You Need to Replace a Circuit Breaker Panel?

Your circuit breaker panel is responsible for supplying all of the power to your home or business. It may provide between 100 and 400 amps of power depending on the size of your property and the electrical appliances you use. Power comes into the breaker box through the main power line on the street and is split into separate circuits that supply different areas of your home or property. A problem with any of the components of your circuit breaker panel can cause power outages, power surges, interruptions in power supply, electric shock or electrocution, and even an electrical fire. You may also experience damage to your electronics or electrical appliances. A properly installed and maintained circuit breaker panel can last for decades; however, like any other area of your home, it may eventually become too degraded to operate properly or safely. If you notice any of these problems with your home’s electrical systems, you should call our electric service technicians for an electrical safety inspection to see if you need circuit breaker panel replacement:

  • Circuit breakers keep tripping.
  • You cannot use more than one appliance at the same time.
  • Your electrical system operates on fuses.
  • You do not have enough outlets or use power strips and/or extension cords in multiple rooms.
  • The circuit breaker panel is old, outdated, or visibly damaged.
  • You see signs of pest or rodent activity around the panel.
  • Your circuit breaker panel is set to 60 amps.
  • You are planning a renovation, remodel, or addition.
  • You will install a major new appliance like an electric vehicle charger, HVAC system, or hot tub.
  • You smell burning or fishy odors from the circuit breaker panel or outlets.
  • The circuit breaker panel is warm.
  • There is corrosion around the circuit breakers or circuit breaker panel.
  • You see scorch marks or discolored areas on the circuit breaker panel.
  • You hear a buzzing noise from the circuit breakers.
  • Your lights flicker or dim frequently.
  • Light bulbs burn out rapidly or explode.
  • At Mr. Electric of Cary, we have provided reliable, professional electrical services in North Carolina since 1994. We are a locally owned and operated company that is part of a nationally recognized family of home service companies, Neighborly. We provide services according to the Neighborly Done Right Promise - if a job isn’t done right, we’ll make it right. If you need a home service we don’t offer, we can refer you to another local member of the Neighborly family. Our goal is to make it convenient and stress-free to get the electrical services you need for your home or business. You can schedule an appointment online or by calling our 24/7 live answering service. We specialize in electrical inspections, repairs, installations, and electrical code updates. We also offer emergency electrical services after hours, on weekends, and holidays and never charge overtime fees. When you choose our team of service technicians, you can rest easy knowing we will show up on time, in uniform, and with everything needed to solve your electrical issue efficiently and safely.

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