Professional Home Electrical Repairs in Canton, GA

Reliable Electrical Repairs for Homes & Businesses

Whether you’re the owner of a commercial or residential property, having a team of professional, licensed electricians on your side to call for electrical repairs is essential. Your home or business relies on a properly working electrical to keep all your appliances, gadgets, and fixtures operating safely and efficiently. Every now and then, something might occur that requires professional electrical repairs on your property. While it might be tempting to attempt to repair your electrical system on your own, it's essential to hire a licensed electrician for the job, no matter how minor the issue might seem.

Fortunately, the experts at Mr. Electric of Canton have years of experience providing a wide range of residential and commercial electrical repairs for property owners throughout Canton, GA and the surrounding areas, including Jasper, Dawsonville, Cartersville, and Ellijay. Whether you need some outlets replaced or your building’s wiring updated, we’ll be there to deliver quick, effective, and safe electrical repairs so you can get back to your regular routine in no time. Contact us to learn more about our comprehensive electrical repair services and schedule an appointment!

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Complete Electric Repair Services in Canton & Beyond

No matter what type of electrical issues you’re experiencing on your residential or commercial property, it’s crucial to let a team of experienced professionals take care of it. Not only is attempting to perform electrical repairs by yourself dangerous, but it can damage your electrical system even further. From ceiling fan repairs to child-proof outlet installation, the team of licensed electricians at your local Mr. Electric of Canton has years of experience performing a broad range of electrical repair services throughout the region, including: 

  • Circuit Breaker Replacement – Property owners replace their circuit breakers for several reasons, whether they're outdated or they need to upgrade them to a higher capacity to keep all their appliances and electronics working efficiently. We can repair, upgrade, or replace your current circuit breaker to meet your needs.
  • Wire Replacement – Having outdated wiring puts you at risk for several issues, including malfunctioning outlets and electrical fires. All old wiring systems in homes and businesses should be replaced immediately to provide your property with a safe and reliable electrical flow.
  • Electrical Outlet Replacement – Does your home or business have outdated, two-prong outlets? These outlets are no longer up to code. Let our experts upgrade your electrical outlets to provide a protected, safe, and reliable stream of power.
  • Electrical Code UpdatesWhether you're putting your property up for sale and want to get a head start on the inspection process or you want to ensure it's up-to-date with the most recent electrical code, we can thoroughly inspect your residential or commercial electrical system to check to ensure everything’s in order.
  • Child-Proof Outlets – Child-proof outlets have a spring-loaded receptacle cover plate to prevent the insertion of objects when unequal pressure is applied. We can equip your home or business with child-proof outlets to keep everyone safe and protected.
  • Lighting Repair Services – Our lighting experts are highly experienced in performing a wide range of lighting repair services, from bulb replacement to landscape lighting repair. Whether your lights are flickering or you want to upgrade your fixtures, we can provide lighting repair services that will exceed your expectations.  
  • Ceiling Fan Repairs – Is your ceiling fan malfunctioning? Ceiling fans are typically low-maintenance, but for those rare occasions that they stop working, Mr. Electric can be there to help get them working correctly and reliably again.

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When you own a home or business, it’s essential to have a team of experienced, licensed electricians on your side to resolve any electrical issues you might experience. Whether your ceiling fan is acting up or you need our experts to inspect the wiring in your home, we provide professional electrical repairs to home and business owners throughout Canton, GA, and the surrounding areas, including Jasper and Dawsonville. We’re happy to answer any questions, whether you’re curious about our repair processes or want an estimate for the cost of your electrical repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment for quick and reliable electrical repair services!