Professional Electrical Panel Upgrades in Canton, GA

Say Goodbye to Outdated & Unsafe Electrical Panels

If your home has an electrical panel that’s old, outdated, or can't keep up with your property's increasing energy needs, it’s time to team up with the experts at Mr. Electric of Canton. We have years of experience providing property owners with professional electrical panel upgrades and replacements to keep their home’s electrical system running safely and reliably. Upgrading your electrical panel is a great way to avoid hazardous problems like an overloaded circuit or electrical fire. Our team is here to help you keep your appliances, lights, and other systems running smoothly and reliably in Canton, GA and the surrounding areas, including Jasper, Dawsonville, Cartersville, and Ellijay. Reach out to us today to learn more about our electrical panel upgrade services!

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

How Do Electrical Panels Work?

Your home’s electrical panel connects your house and everything that relies on electricity to the main power line, which attaches directly to the electrical panel to disperse energy throughout your property. Inside the electrical panel, you'll find multiple switches (also called circuit breakers) that distribute the power into smaller branch lines and connect to all outlets in your home. The switches should also tell you how many amps the line can carry before the breaker trips. The main power breaker, which allows you to turn off power to the entire system at once, should be located next to the switches.  

When Is it Time for a Professional Electrical Panel Upgrade?

Like other appliances and systems within your home, your electrical panel ages and wears down over time. As it ages, you might frequently experience overloaded circuits or other issues. Some of the most common ways to tell it's time for an electrical panel upgrade include:

  • You hear crackling sounds coming from the panel
  • You can see corrosion or rust on the circuit breakers
  • The inside of the electrical panel feels warm
  • Your home’s appliances aren’t running efficiently
  • You don’t have GFCI outlets (especially around water sources)
  • You need multiple extension cords to plug everything in
  • Your home has 60-amp electrical service
  • Your home has 100-amp electrical service but still can't keep up with the demand  
  • Your home has an outdated fuse block or split bus panel

Electrical Panel Replacements

If your home’s current electrical panel is more than 25 years old, it’s time for a replacement. We urge homeowners to take this recommendation seriously. An aging electrical panel can cause several issues and hazardous situations in your home. Additionally, many panels installed before 1990 have been proven unsafe. If you have one of the following defective electrical panels in your home, talk to Mr. Electric of Canton about having it replaced immediately:  

  • Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) electrical panels
  • Zinsco electrical panels
  • Pushmatic electrical panels
  • Fuse Boxes

Upgrading Electric Panels While Renovating

Are you planning a major renovation project for your home? Upgrading your electrical panel shouldn't be overlooked during the remodel and is essential to ensuring your property can safely and efficiently support all your systems, devices, and appliances. Our electrical experts can help you assess how much additional power you need and where to add more outlets for maximum efficiency and convenience.

Invest in an Electrical Panel Upgrade Today

You might not think about your home's electrical panel very often, but it's something that homeowners shouldn't overlook. Having an updated electrical panel that can safely support all your home's energy demands is a great way to maximize your household's safety, efficiency, and convenience. To stay in pristine condition, your home's electrical system needs occasional upgrades by a team of trusted professionals. Fortunately, Mr. Electric of Canton's team is here with professional electrical panel upgrade services throughout Canton, GA and the surrounding areas, including Jasper, Dawsonville, Cartersville, and Ellijay. Get started by scheduling an appointment with Mr. Electric of Canton today!