Professional Home Wiring Updates in Canton, GA

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If the wiring throughout your home is outdated or isn't keeping up with your residential power needs, the team at Mr. Electric of Canton is here to help. We're committed to prioritizing safety on every residential electrical project we complete, including providing exceptional home wiring updates for homeowners throughout Canton, GA and the surrounding areas, including Jasper, Dawsonville, Cartersville, and Ellijay.

Whether your home's wiring is old and deemed unsafe according to the most recent electrical code, or it can’t keep up with the increasing power needs of your household, our service professionals can properly update it to ensure your electrical system can continue to run safely and reliably. If your home is over 40 years old and you still need to inspect the wiring, promptly scheduling an appointment with Mr. Electric is essential. Our professional home wiring services will reduce your risk of electrical shocks, tripped breakers, and even residential fires. Contact us today to learn more about how our home wiring experts can keep your electrical system safe and reliable!

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How Do I Know if My Home’s Wiring Needs Updating?

Your home’s electrical system may show some signs it’s time to update your wiring, such as experiencing frequently tripped breakers and power surges. Mr. Electric of Canton has helped countless homeowners upgrade the electrical wiring throughout their older homes for years. We’re highly knowledgeable about the latest electrical code updates and how to correctly complete wiring jobs that comply with them for safety, efficiency, and reliability. Some signs you need to update the electrical wiring in your home include the following:

  • You Have Old House Wiring – Completely rewiring a home’s electrical system is a complex project. However, it’s necessary when the current wiring in a house poses well-known safety hazards. Fortunately, the electrical experts at Mr. Electric of Canton are fully equipped to take on your residential rewiring project. We can also replace any frayed wires and loose connections you may have.
  • You Have Ungrounded, Two-Pronged Outlets – These types of outlets are a safety hazard, endangering your family and all the devices and electronics hooked up to your electrical panel. These outlets lack proper grounding, and even having a surge protector may not protect you, your devices, and your property from electrical excess. Our service professionals can install three-pronged outlets and grounded wires to keep your home and family safe.
  • You’re Missing GFCIs – GFCIs can be easily identified by the “Test” and “Reset” buttons on their receptacles. GFCIs are designed to protect your family and electronics against shock in areas with high moisture around your home. The current electrical code requires GFCIs in utility rooms, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, spa or pool areas, garages, unfinished basements, crawlspaces, and other moisture-prone areas.
  • You’re Missing AFCIs – AFCI outlets ensure safe and reliable energy use throughout your home. Acting like a circuit breaker, they’re designed to prevent fires because they disconnect when a potentially dangerous arc occurs. The most recent electrical code requires AFCIs in bedrooms in all 50 states.
  • You Have Inadequate Appliance Outlets – Outlets for major appliances like washers, dryers, and ovens need to safely draw higher amounts of electricity to perform efficiently. Major home appliances didn’t always require special outlets, but today’s appliances require a 240-volt outlet for each heavy-duty appliance installed in your home.
  • Your Home’s Electrical Panel Is Inadequate – Are you aware of how many amps power your home? A couple of decades ago, 60-amp breaker wiring was sufficient for homes. With all the electronics and appliances we use today, houses typically need 100 to 200 amps to power everything safely and reliably. 

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Whether your home’s wiring is outdated or can’t keep up with the increasing electrical needs of your household, Mr. Electric of Canton is here to help. Our service professionals can take care of a wide array of residential electrical needs for homeowners. If your home’s wiring is insufficient or unsafe, our electrical technicians can update it to meet the latest electrical code in Canton, GA and the surrounding areas, including Jasper, Dawsonville, Cartersville, and Ellijay. Contact us today to schedule service and let our experts inspect your home’s wiring to determine the best solutions!