Upgrade Your Outdoor Lighting This Fall

Outdoor Lighting

With fall on its way and the clocks about to turn back, now is the time to address outdoor lighting inadequacies before you end up fumbling (or stumbling) in the dark.

Functional Outdoor Lighting Offers Many Advantages

Outdoor lighting beyond typical porch light fare offers many advantages…

  • Safety
    Well-lit yards showcase safe walking paths to prevent stumbles and falls, and allow for a speedier entry into your home in the evenings.
  • Security
    Outdoor lighting makes your home less inviting to potential intruders by robbing them of shadowy spots to hide.
  • Functionality
    Proper lighting, such as zone lighting on a patio or outdoor living area, can allow your family to take advantage of added outdoor time in the evenings.  
  • Curb Appeal
    Properly positioned, outdoor lighting enhances your home’s look, making key architectural and landscaping features pop.

Types of Lighting to Add to Your Outdoor Space

Outdoor lighting types are nearly as endless as your imagination…

  • Entryway Lighting
    The standard porch light, entryway lighting on the side of doors prevents fumbling and facilitates fast entry.  
  • Security Lighting (Spotlights)
    Outdoor spotlights can be used to highlight special features, or improve safety by illuminating key areas such entryways and surrounding shadowy recesses by doors, windows and garages.
  • Flood Lights
    For places you wish to have well lit, such as entertainment areas, flood lights literally ‘flood’ an area with illumination. Choose from standard options to those with remote control dimmers to create the perfect ambiance for any outdoor event.
  • Ceiling Fixtures
    Ideal for overhangs such as porches, there are an array of ceiling fixtures and pendant lights available for adding illumination and visual appeal.
  • Pathway Lighting
    These lets come in sets, typically staking in the ground and sitting low, illuminating key walking pathways. Too many, however, can make pathways look ‘busy.’
  • Step Lighting
    Specialty lighting such as motion-activated step lights, sold in sets, safeguard pedestrians on dangerous stairway areas.
  • Landscape Lighting
    An assortment of the above lighting can be used to highlight landscaping features, from uplighting plants and trees with spotlights to soft pathway lighting. Adding specialty lighting such as well, pond or fountain lights alongside floating lanterns, post lights and decorative string lights is a great way to add decorative flare.  
  • Hardscape Lighting
    Installing lighting on hardscaping, aiming directly up/down on surfaces, can take advantage of texture and create dramatic results.
  • Poolside Lighting
    Waterproof and floatable, poolside lights can keep unsuspected guests safe from sunken pools, spas and water features.

Best Bulbs for the Job

Efficient, bright, long lasting LED lighting systems are an ideal choice for outdoor lighting tasks due to their capacity to operate in temperature extremes, as are lower lumen solar powered outdoor lighting fare. Today’s ‘smart’ bulbs can add many operational options, as can timers and dimmers, making access to lighting convenient and reducing energy use. If installing yourself, keep neighbors happy by checking light trajectories, and always install outdoor lighting on a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter for safety.  

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