Shed Some Light on the Power of Positive Thought

A picture of a light bulb with a brain on the inside of it

October is Positive Attitude Month and Mr. Electric® wants to remind you about how thinking can be a powerful tool for motivation and improvement.  

Our thoughts are a tool that can either help or hurt us. If we are constantly thinking negatively, we might start acting that way. Thankfully, the opposite is true as well.  If we fill ourselves with positive thoughts, we will eventually start acting that way.  These thoughts could be the difference between success and failure.  

Here are some ways that thinking is a powerful tool for motivation and improvement:

Thinking Positively

You need to make a conscious effort to be positive and have a good attitude. We are all responsible for our own destiny.  This is also true with motivation. We must make a conscious effort to stay on track and stay motivated. You control your own thoughts, so positive thinking stems from thinking about being positive.

Your Influences

Shed some light on positive thinking by surrounding yourself with positive influences.  The people you hang around have a big affect on your attitude. Negative people influence negative attitudes and behaviors.  However, these influences go beyond your friends, positive influences also mean the television shows you watch, the music you listen to and even the news. Garbage in, means garbage out.  If you are watching a news program that never shows anything good or happy, this could affect how you act.  


A good way to start thinking positive is by starting a gratitude journal. Writing down three things that you are happy about each day will help you realize all of the good things your life has to offer.  Don’t worry about them being insignificant or miniscule.  If it is something as small as a stranger smiling at you may brighten your day, put it in your journal. It is all about teaching yourself to think positively. 

Acts of Kindness 

Another way to kick-start a positive attitude is by challenging yourself to do something nice for at least one person each day. It can be as small as giving someone a compliment or as big as paying it forward in the coffee shop.  This will motivate you to want to do more good things. 

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