Portable Power to Keep You Connected

Black iPhone with a dead battery icon on the screen

Hiking? Trade show? Long flight? Concerned about communications capabilities in the event of a power outage or in the event of roadside emergencies? You need backup. Battery backup - available in a wide variety of portable charger forms, from portable phone chargers to backup and on-site portable power supplies for your tablet or laptop.

What portable power source is right for you?

Pocket-Sized Power: Powerrocks Magicstick ($9-19)

About the size and shape of a tube of lipstick, the Magicstick offers a 2800mAh capacity and a fast smartphone charge versus the all-night wait for a portable battery. Multi-colored lights indicate charge levels.

An Ace up Your Sleeve: Juno Power Hue Kard ($34)

Kard is right. At 4.4oz and a slim 7.5mm, this fancy portable phone charger slides right into your pocket or purse as a phone-side companion. Touch the on/off button for rapid charging at a rate of 1.5% per minute. The back of the Kard also serves as a mirror.

Superior Output – Unbeatable Price: Lumsing External Power Bank LUM 008-01 ($16-25)

With its high-powered 10,400mAh battery and moderate 8.35oz weight, the harmonica-like Power Bank is debatably one of the best portable chargers on the market. High-capacity, dual-ports refill your smartphone up to four times courtesy of advanced charging technology.

From Emergencies & Outdoor Adventure: Jackery Giant ($25)

Bright orange or silver, the Jackery Giant is a large portable charger weighing-in at 10.4oz – but knocking out the competition with its large 10,400mAh capacity and unbeatable price. The battery pack holds a little LED-flashlight activated by 2 power button pushes, and can hold a charge for up to 6 months. Ideal for hiking or power outage emergencies.

Mighty Morpher: Anker Astro 3E ($25)

Like the Jackery Giant, this large 10000mAh charger isn’t exactly pocket-ready, but it packs a mighty punch, offering 4+ smartphone recharges and packing enough juice for tablets, boasting the capacity to recharge an iPad Air almost immediately. The perfect companion for long trips.

Everything But the Kitchen Sink: RavPower FileHub ($32)

Lighten your load and expand limited storage space with this dream portable, offering a slim, light design despite its feature-packed flexibility: A 30000mAh charger, SD card reader, and the awesome capability to turn into a Wi-Fi hotspot.

Plug-and-Play Laptop Power: ChargeTech Portable Power Outlet ($185)

About the size of a hardcover book, the 2-pound ChargeTech is a 27Ah lithium-battery-based pack offering multiple tablet charges, a few charges for your small laptop, or an extra charge for larger models. A great buy for students and on-the-go executives.

In It for the Long Haul: IOGEAR's GearPower Ultra Capacity ($45)

The IOGEAR offers multi-device charging that thanks to its 11,000mAh can juice-up your phone and tablet simultaneously. Still a bit too large for pockets, it remains portable and excels in long-distance travel situations.

Takes a Lickin’: MyCharge All-Terrain Portable Charger ($35)

This palm-sized portable phone charger is adventure-ready, with a shock-absorbent, rubber exterior that’s dustproof, waterproof, and drop-proof to 2 meters.

Crank it Up: Eton Turbine 2000 ($15)

No power for a recharge? No problem. Turn the crank on the Turbine 2000 to add to its 2000mAh battery for a single smartphone recharge. Infallible – though your arms may not be. Draft the kids: 2 hours of cranking nets a 75% charge.

Cross Country Comrade: Hammacher Schlemmer's World’s Thinnest Backup Laptop Battery ($99)

Less than 1.5 pounds, 1/5" thin, with a beefy 13,200mAH battery for up to 3.5-hours of extra laptop time, 20 iPad, 72 iPod, or 48 smartphone hours. OLED display shows percentage of power remaining. Recharges in only 2.5 hours.  

Old Reliable: Goal Zero Yeti 400 Solar Generator Kit ($624 w/solar panels)

This extra-large portable charger weighs-in at 30-pounds, however this milk crate-sized behemoth cranks out 300watts of power, featuring AC outlets, USB ports, 12V ports, charging ports, and indicator light. Safe for indoor us, offering noise and fume-free generator power perfect for powering lights, fans, CPAP, TV, laptops, and phones.

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