Outdoor Upgrades for Mom

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Have you figured out what you’re getting your mom for Mother’s Day yet? It’s not too late to surprise her with a beautiful and functional outdoor lighting upgrade just in time for her to enjoy this summer. Looking for specific ideas? Here are five to inspire you.

Fire Pit

Building your own fire pit is easier than you might think. Regardless of the shape or height you want, it’s usually a simple matter of stripping away the grass, digging a hole, filling it with lava rocks, lining the wall of the hole with bricks, and placing large, flat rocks around the rim. If you want the fire pit to sit above ground level, build the wall up from the ground rather than digging a hole first. It’s a project you can easily do yourself and make exactly the way you think Mom will like it best!

Get more specific instructions from Fab Art DIY.

Solar Garden Lights

If your mom loves to garden, help her enjoy her plants at night with solar-powered garden lights. Simply purchase the right number of stake-mounted lights and place them strategically around the yard to provide just enough lighting after dark. With individual solar panels atop each light, you can expect lovely illumination without raising your mom’s electric bills.

One unique idea is to create a solar light planter. Fill an 18-inch-diameter planter with the flowers of your choice and insert three solar-powered garden lights directly into the planter. The soft glow near the flowers will make their colors come alive at night.

Get the full instructions from Lowes.

Glow-in-the-Dark Pavers

Want to surprise Mom with a little garden magic just after sundown? Paint the existing pavers in her back yard with rust-oleum glow-in-the-dark paint. Wash each rock thoroughly first to ensure the paint sticks. After two coats of paint are dry, coat each rock with clear epoxy to help the glow-in-the-dark paint withstand the elements. During the day, the rocks soak up the sun and charge the paint. Once the sun goes down, a striking glow emits from the rocks for about two hours.

Get the full instructions from Womenio.

Hanging Tree Lights

While often used at outdoor wedding receptions, you can surprise your mom with hanging tree lights she can enjoy all summer long. These come in many forms, from individual lights hanging on various branches to strings of lights strung throughout the tree. Strings of lights tend to be more convenient for ongoing use. Run an outdoor-approved extension cord to the base of a tree in your mom’s yard. Then drape string lights among the branches until you achieve the desired effect. Hang a hammock between two trees to complete the relaxing atmosphere.

To see how it’s done, turn to Stephanie Lynn.

Rope Lights Around the Deck

Weather resistant rope light is the perfect option for illuminating the deck. Simply attach screw clips to the underside of the railing and push the tubing into the clips. Now hook up an outdoor extension cord to an exterior outlet and plug in the lights.

You can also use rope lights around the yard. Illuminate a paved walkway, run lights along a stone wall or outline a garden box. The applications are endless!

Get more ideas and full instructions from Christmas Lights Etc.

If you need help implementing any outdoor lighting upgrade you have in mind for Mother’s Day, please contact Mr. Electric®. Our landscape lighting services are sure to add the beauty and ambiance you’re hoping to surprise your mother with on her special day.


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