Kitchen Lighting Upgrades in Preparation for Thanksgiving

A white oven with a stove and a steaming pot on top of it

Before you’re squinting to decipher stuffing instructions or hauling that 20 pound ham across the room to better reveal the thermometer reading, it’s time to put some serious thought into upgrading your kitchen lighting. If your current kitchen lighting (or light, as the case may be) hails from the days of shag carpeting – or earlier – it’s well past due.

This holiday season, let there be light!

You can never have too much light in your kitchen. The heart of your home, it’s used for everything from meal prep and homework to feasts and family reunions. The most highly trafficked area in many homes, you’ll never be too well equipped in this department. Here, lighting not only helps reduce eye strain to make tasks like meal prep and cooking much easier, but adds to the atmosphere as your family gathers together. Great kitchen lighting can help Granny avoid slipping on that puddle of punch the kids left in their wake, too.

Easy and affordable ways to upgrade kitchen lighting

Luckily, there a number of ways to improve kitchen lighting without the hassle, dust, or the expense of a major renovation...  

Track lighting

Single overhead fixture making your kitchen feel like a room of gloom? Simply swapping out lone ranger lighting with a track lighting fixture is a quick and easy way to shed light on every corner of your kitchen. Available in LED, fluorescent, and halogen versions, the multiple fixtures of a single track lighting setup allow for a multitude of configurations and easy customization. Simply re-arrange and refocus lighting whenever and wherever needed. T, L, and X shaped connectors offer tons of arrangement possibilities. Just don’t install them directly in line with work areas, where your noggin can block the light and cast shadows. Place them toward the sides (watch out for cabinet doors), angling them toward the target area instead.

Under-cabinet lighting

Under-cabinet lighting illuminates areas you use the most, brightening countertops to keep you from working in shadow, or offering indirect lighting when overhead kitchen lighting is too harsh, such as in the evenings or when entertaining. Install your choice of LED, fluorescent, or halogen models toward the front of cabinets to prevent light from shining in your eyes, opting for a frosted bulb to minimize harsh reflections on shiny counter surfaces.

Recessed lighting

Adding to or upgrading your existing recessed lighting lets you focus light where you need it most. Forego (or upgrade) standard existing “can” fixtures for those with an adjustable trim to direct light exactly where needed, with up to 30 degrees of tilt. When upgrading, be certain to use trims produced by the same manufacturer.  

Dimmer switch

Improving kitchen lighting means more than adding more lighting - it also includes improvements to lighting flexibility. The addition of a dimmer switch offers the ultimate in ease-of-use, providing quick delivery of general lighting, task, accent, or mood lighting, depending on your needs, with the simple twist/flick of a switch.

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