Impressive Solar Powered Buildings

Solar Powered Buildings

Buildings all over the world are undergoing solar powered facelifts in the name of going green. They harness the sun’s rays and convert them into energy, lessening carbon footprints and taking steps toward sustainability. We’ve found five buildings that soak up the sun to generate electricity.


  1. Dubai’s Vertical Village is a residential, hotel & entertainment facility blanketed in solar panels. A solar roof tops the building and transports energy throughout it like a system of veins.

    Vertical Village

    Photo courtesy of Graft Lab
  2. Manchester’s CIS Tower got a solar makeover when the building’s mosaic tiles began to fall off due to old age and pollution. Now, the skyscraper is covered in solar panels that protect the interior from harsh weather and electronic waste. 

    Manchester’s CIS Tower

    Photo courtesy of Hank Green
  3. Blackfriar’s Bridge has donned over 4,000 solar panels to reduce the carbon dioxide emissions. Its design adds an aesthetic and ecological addition to London’s architecture. 

    Blackfriar’s Bridge

    Photo courtesy of Network Rail
  4. Chicago’s Willis Tower, formerly known as the Sears Tower, is fitted with solar panels that will reduce heat gain, making the tallest building in the U.S. more maintainable.

    Chicago's Willis tower

    Photo courtesy of Harshil Shah
  5. Abu Dhabi’s picturesque Zayed National Museum showcases the cultural history of the Emirates. Its solar thermal towers draw in cool air, releases it into the museum’s lobby and forces hot air out. 

    Zayed National Museum

    Photo courtesy of Foster + Partners