How Electrical Upgrades Can Improve Home Office Productivity

A side view of smiling young female freelancer working at home office

If you are new to the work-from-home (WFH) world, you likely haven’t put much thought into ways you can improve your home office capabilities. Though you may feel that your current setup is OK, you will find that colleagues who have enhanced the setup of their home office have an added advantage. There are several upgrades you can make to make your WFH experience the best it could be, but these relatively simple electrical upgrades can really help improve your overall productivity.

Upgraded Lighting

Though lighting may be the last thing on your mind, lighting can make or break your WFH experience. The right lighting in essential to create a productive home office environment. Your office should include elements like overhead lighting, ambient lighting, and even task lighting (all critical when completing assignments and taking part in video conferences). Besides just having better visuals for meetings and assignments, the overall ambiance of a room can affect how productive you are and how well you feel when you work. Dim lighting can cause eye strain (leading to headaches), and insufficient lighting can cause drowsiness and a lack of focus. Sufficient, appropriate lighting is an important factor in your productivity and work from home success.

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Dedicated Computer Circuit

Many people that work from home never even consider the quality of their computer circuit until they experience an issue. Homes that are more than ten years old are not always equipped to handle all our current devices. As a result, when you plug in numerous electronic devices to maintain your home office setup, you could be at risk of overloading the current circuit. When circuits trip, sensitive electronics can be damaged (office equipment, and your computer) and valuable work can be lost. Though a circuit breaker serves as a level of protection, it’s not always a guarantee. Outdated wiring may also contribute to the issue, which needs attention. When you work from home, experts agree that installing a dedicated circuit for your home office is the best way to keep operations running smoothly.

Hard-Wired Connection

More often than not, your productivity when working remotely involves complete, uninterrupted access to high-speed internet. Though most computers and smart devices offer a Wi-Fi option, relying too much on your Wi-Fi has several drawbacks. Depending on where you live, the Wi-Fi in your area may be inconsistent or more vulnerable to hackers. Some of the more common issues related to a poor Wi-Fi connection are sketchy videoconference performance, decreased security, overload from multiple devices, and latency. A hard-wired internet connection provides a simple solution to these problems, making your internet service much more reliable. A hard-wired connection is much more secure, offers better connectivity, and allows you to add multiple devices with no issues.

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Panel Upgrade

Your ability to work productively from home will only be as good as the electrical infrastructure you rely upon. Remember, the electrical demands on your system don’t just come from the devices in your home office. Things like your HVAC system, lighting, and appliances all add to the demand on your electrical system and impact your ability to work productively from home. Upgrading your electric panel may be necessary to prevent undue strain on your electrical system. This is especially important if your home’s electrical panel is more than 10 or 15 years old. Even electrical panels with circuit breakers, when overworked, can overheat and cause an electrical fire. For this reason, calling in a professional to determine what your needs are is vital to your safety and overall productivity.

Meeting the Challenge

Working remotely offers many advantages, but it also comes with a few challenges. To maintain your WFH productivity, you’ll need an electrical system that is reliable and up to date. If you need to upgrade your system or have questions about which electrical upgrades can improve your home office productivity, call Mr. Electric today. We are committed to ensuring that your lighting, computer circuit, internet connection, and electrical panel are ready and able to meet the added demands of a productive home office.