How Do I Install a Smart Lighting System?

Curious about how to install a smart lighting system? Wondering what equipment you need and how long it will take? Get tips from the pros at Mr. Electric!

Today's homeowners want to make their homes as convenient as possible.  At Mr. Electric we know smart lighting offers a multitude of benefits in addition to convenience such as improved security, money savings, a better night's sleep, and interior spaces that are more inviting in terms of visual appeal.  If you're wondering how to install a smart lighting system, you've come to the right place!

Ask yourself a few questions before you jump in to this project

  • What do I need for a smart light control system?  The answer to this question depends on a number of factors including whether you want to automate all of the lighting in your home or just specific lighting fixtures such as lamps.
  • What types of lights do you want to automate?  Maybe you want to automate the lights in the foyer or family room, or control the lighting in specific rooms when you're away to give the impression someone's home.
  • Is controlling brightness/dimness important to you?  From outdoor motion detector and security lighting to dimming for just the right atmosphere in the dining or living room, you can control almost any lighting in your home.
  • Is a smart lighting system all you're interested in, or other automated home technology?  Today nearly anything's possible from controlling the temperature when you're away to security or music that you can enjoy no matter where you are in your home.  Depending on the number of apps you want to use, you can control many features of your home regardless of whether you're there or away on vacation, at work, running errands, etc.

Timeline and preparation

How long it will take to install a smart lighting system depends on a number of factors including the scope of your project and your knowledge of and experience with equipment.  This is why it's vital to understand the products available, their functionalities, and what could be a more complex setup and installation configuration.  

What do I need for a smart light control system?

First and foremost, you need to know whether your existing equipment is compatible with any existing automated systems and if installation is something you can do on your own.  

From plugs to light bulbs and switches, installation may require replacing old light switches, configuring wiring, using your Internet connection to connect to a hub and more.

It may not be necessary to run additional cable with some of the more popular systems that transmit commands via standard electrical wiring, such as X10 and Insteon.  It is recommended that you have whole-house surge protection, in-wall transmitters, deep junction boxes and non-automation loads and data wiring.

Some homeowners may find installing a smart lighting system fairly simple, while others will find it a complex or difficult project depending on experience.  Mr. Electric, a Neighborly company, is here to provide setup support, so you can rest assured your new smart lighting system functions just as you expect - effortlessly.  If you're interested in energy efficient lighting, here are some helpful tips!

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