Checklist Reminds New Homeowners to Inspect Outlets, Breakers

Inspecting the electrical system in a new home is one of the most important things a homeowner can do. New homeowners must be certain that the electrical system can handle modern appliances and is up to code. As experts in the industry, we couldn’t stress the importance of this enough. Out-of-date electrical systems are a serious fire hazard. agrees and has included this important step in their New Homeowner Checklist. The checklist was created to help new homeowners avoid the common headaches of owning a house for the first time. Neighborly is a national network of local service providers dedicated to providing expert advice and service for homeowners in their local community.

The checklist suggests new homeowners get familiar with the home’s electrical system, making sure all outlets can accept three-prong plugs and that outlets in damp locations are GFCI equipped. Owners should also locate the breaker panel in their new home to troubleshoot any problems or be able to cut power in case of an emergency, like a fire or flood. If you need to replace outlets to comply with modern building codes, that job is best left to the experts at Mr. Electric.

Read the entire New Homeowner Checklist over at to see what else you should do to keep your family safe and comfortable after you unpack.