Bright Ideas: Organize and Reuse Lightbulbs

Picture of lightbulbs in a row.


Three Simple Ways to Organize Lights

Any size light bulb

Organize your household lights using an all-in-one container found at a local hardware or department store.  You can create a do-it-yourself light bulb storage container by using a simple storage contains and foam, or placing the light-bulb boxes in a utility drawer labeled "light bulbs". This will protect a variety of light bulb sizes in your household and make locating a new bulb a cinch.

Clear box with various lightbulbs in it.


4 ft. fluorescent tube light

If you keep long lights on hand, a great way to stash them away is by using a mailing tube that can be found at a local office supplies store. Mailing tubes vary in size so double check the labels for right length. 

Picture of fluorescent tube light.


Holiday lights

It was a jolly holiday season, but now it’s time to put away the decorations, including those strands of lights sitting in your garage in a jumbled mess. Use a palate of sturdy cardboard to help reel in the decorations, making a 1” cut near the top and bottom to secure the strands. Store them together in a box to make it easier for the next holiday go-around. Tangled up holiday lights.


Three Easy Crafts to Repurpose Old Light Bulbs


Turn your broken light scraps into a drusty necklace. Be cautious of cuts as you craft and wear your bulbs with pride.

Purple grey drusy necklace


Light bulb terrarium

Craft a rock or plant terrarium to hang in your house or decorate your office space.

Light bulb terrarium


Coat Rack

For the power tool crafter, this is the perfect project for you. Turn your light bulb into a concrete masterpiece

Wood with light bulbs attached to create a coat rack

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