Blogs in May 2018

Dingy, discolored outlets? Outlets that won’t hold a plug? Here’s how to tell when it’s time to give up the ghost and replace those tired, old outlets…

How to Know When to Replace Outlets

From visual to functional cues, these signs indicate it’s time to replace...Continue Reading


Proper grounding is an essential component of home electrical safety because excess energy needs to be directed somewhere. But how does it work? The experts at Mr. Electric® are here to take the mystery out of ‘grounding,’ explaining it in plain English so you can be sure...Continue Reading

Need to troubleshoot a dead outlet? Purchasing a multimeter, the go-to tool for diagnosing electrical problems, could allow you to investigate and address outlet issues. This handy device can help you find out whether outlets are bad and so much more.

Not sure how to test an outlet? Read...Continue Reading

A great way to assess the condition of the electrical system of your home or a home you’re interested in purchasing, a home electrical inspection is the perfect way to ensure a home that is safe and up to National Electrical Code. Over 50,000 electrical fires happen annually in the U.S., and the...Continue Reading