Reliable Electrical Services in Rapid City, SD

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When you need reliable electrical services in Rapid City, SD, look no further than the pros at Mr. Electric of The Black Hills. Our polite, uniformed, licensed electricians treat each of our customers’ homes as if they were our own, and they receive regular, ongoing training to ensure we are providing the highest quality services.

Instead of attempting to complete electrical projects on your own, risking your safety and your property, call our local electricians. We will provide your home or business with expert services.

A Wide Range of Electrical Services for Your Property

From installations and upgrades to safety inspections and more, you can count on Mr. Electric of The Black Hills for all your professional electrical needs. Let us provide you :

Electrical Installation Services

Are you looking to add new ceiling fans to your property or replace your current ones? Has your household converted to electric vehicles, and do you need to charge them from home? Do you want to ensure your property’s power remains on during an electrical outage? Mr. Electric of The Black Hills can provide all the electrical installation services you need, including fans, EV chargers, and generators.

Electrical Safety Services

Rest assured that your property is safe from electrical emergencies with our electrical safety services. Childproof outlets can keep kids safe in your home, and GFCI outlets can reduce the risk of electrical shock. Circuit breaker replacements ensure the proper function of electrical appliances or devices on a circuit, and electrical code updates keep your home updated to the most current safety standards. These are just a few of the safety services that we can offer. Not sure which of these installations or updates you need on your property? Ask us for an electrical safety inspection.

Lighting Services

Lighting projects are best left to the professionals – not just for safety reasons but for aesthetic ones as well. A professional electrician will ensure that your new lighting is installed so that it works properly and safely and that it looks attractive with no misplaced wires or other cosmetic issues.

For Top-Rated Electrical Services - Call Mr. Electric Today

If you searched for “electrician services near me” to find an electrician in Rapid City, SD, or nearby, you have come to the right place. Call Mr. Electric of The Black Hills at (605) 646-2693 today for electrical installations, electrical upgrades, electrical safety, and more.