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Home Electrical Repairs in Rapid City, SD

Full-Stack Electrical Repairs 

From faulty wiring to outdated electrical panel repairs, there’s only one company to call to handle it all. Mr. Electric of The Black Hills provides full-stack electrical repair services that restore your property to optimal condition. We extend our trusted business and home electrical repairs to customers in Rapid City, Box Elder, and Black Hawk, SD.

Home Electrical Repairs in Rapid City, SD

Full-Stack Electrical Repairs 

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  • Mr. Electric of The Black Hills understands the importance of reputable electrical repairs for your home and business. As such, we offer our industry-leading service to commercial and residential customers. Rely on service professionals for anything, from electric stove repairs to customized wiring solutions. We’re here to keep your property safe and high-powered.

  • Electrical repairs may seem simple in theory. However, these situations should never be handled without the help of a trusted service professional. Electrical systems are intricate and require a great deal of knowledge and experience to mitigate the risk of hazards, including electric shock, electrical fires, and irreparable damage to your devices and appliances.

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Personalized Electrical Repairing Services 

No two properties are the same. As such, we take a personalized approach to electrical repair services. Upon a detailed inspection of your home or business’s electrical system, we custom-tailor or repair solutions to ensure quality results. Our electrical repairs include the following:

Circuit Breaker Replacement

If you’re experiencing relentless trips from your circuit breaker, it may be time for a circuit breaker replacement service. Fortunately, our team is equipped to perform a prompt and efficient service that brings the necessary power to your home or business without hassle or danger.

Electrical Wiring Repairs

Outdated or faulty wiring can be hazardous to your home or business. We provide full-stack electrical wiring repairs and replacements to deter shock and fires. Aluminum or knob and tube wiring are not compliant with recent codes. Allow us to protect your property by replacing these faulty installations with ease.

Electrical Outlets

Whether you want to upgrade your outdated two-prong outlets or modify your outlets with GFCI outlets, we’re here to get the job done right. Our outlet services combine unrivaled skill and precision to ensure the most effective solutions for your home or business.

Fuse Box Replacement

If your home or business has a fuse box, it’s time for an electrical panel repair service. These installations are highly hazardous, posing several safety concerns that require immediate attention. Our team will swap out your fuse box for a high-quality electrical panel to ensure maximum safety and efficiency.

Electrical Code Compliance

If you are unsure whether your property complies with modern electrical codes, Mr. Electric of The Black Hills is here to help. Whether you plan to list your home or the market or are concerned about safety, we’re here to ensure your property is compliant and safe with the electrical repairs and upgrades you need.

  • Our service professionals prioritize safety. As such, we provide detailed electrical inspections to assess the needs of your home or business. We address each electrical fixture, detecting inefficiencies or areas of concern that enable us to curate customized solutions. Our mission is to preserve and enhance the protection and performance of your property.

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Mr. Electric has the power to make things better. Embrace the ease of call-ahead scheduling with Mr. Electric's 24/7 availability. Our skilled technicians prioritize quality, respect your home, and provide transparent upfront pricing for peace of mind.

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