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Lighting Repair Services in Rapid City, SD

Light Fixture Repair You Can Count On

Don’t settle for malfunctioning light fixtures. Look to Mr. Electric of The Black Hills for quality lighting repair. Our trusted service professionals are here to illuminate your residential or commercial space with indoor and outdoor lighting repair solutions. We extend our service to customers in Rapid City, Box Elder, and Black Hawk, SD.

Lighting Repair Services in Rapid City, SD

Light Fixture Repair You Can Count On

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  • From interior flickering to full-scale landscape lighting repair, Mr. Electric of The Black Hills is here to help. Our residential light fixture repair is designed to bring function, comfort, and reliability to your home. Whether you’re experiencing an issue or looking to upgrade, our service professionals have you covered with custom-tailored solutions, including:

  • Whether your outdated lighting is failing or you want to switch your current lighting to a dimmer system to set the ambiance, look no further than our service professionals. We specialize in indoor residential lighting repair for all types of homes and rooms. We ensure you get exactly what you need without hassle.

  • If your driveway lighting or backyard landscape lighting is not performing as it should, we’re here to help. We understand the safety role outdoor lighting plays for your home. That’s why we provide full-stack landscape lighting repair for residential properties to keep your home lit up and safe year-round.

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Commercial Lighting Repair

Commercial lighting is vital to your operations' safety, productivity, and efficiency. When faced with a lighting malfunction, Mr. Electric of The Black Hills is here to remedy it with quality lighting repair. Our commercial lighting repair service includes:

Office Lighting Repair

Office lighting must be bright and soft to avoid strain while your employees are working. When lights begin to flicker, or the lighting tone becomes too harsh on the eyes, Mr. Electric of The Black Hills is here to correct it.

Warehouse Lighting Repair

Mr. Electric of The Black Hills is here to restore the powerful, long-lasting warehouse lighting to facilitate your vital operations. We understand that insufficient lighting and frequent bulb replacements hinder productivity. As such, we offer customized solutions that cater to warehouse-type establishments.

Landscape Lighting Repair

Commercial landscape lighting is essential to the safety of your business. When you need outdoor lighting repair, you need Mr. Electric of the Black Hills. Our landscape lighting repair ensures ample illumination and greater safety and security for any business.

Retail Lighting Repair

Whether you own a boutique or a showroom, retail spaces require specific lighting fixtures to ensure proper illumination of your products. When lights go out or begin to flicker, your business can become compromised. Combat these issues with our trusted retail light fixture repair.

  • Lighting repair costs vary greatly depending on the size of the property, the condition of the lighting, and the type of light switch in question. In some cases, large-scale lighting repairs are less cost-effective than lighting replacements. As such, we begin with an in-depth inspection to ensure the most efficient solution for your home or business.

Residential & Commercial Services

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