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Home Generator Installation & Maintenance in Rapid City, SD

Prepare Your Home for Power Outages

Boost the efficiency and protect your home against unexpected power outages with home generator installation. Mr. Electric of The Black Hills is here to prevent unforeseen blackouts with trusted whole-home generator installation you can count on. We extend our service to customers in Rapid City, Box Elder, and Black Hawk, SD.

Home Generator Installation & Maintenance in Rapid City, SD

Prepare Your Home for Power Outages

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  • Think of a whole-home generator installation as a car engine. The generator creates electric energy for your home using gasoline, diesel, or natural gas paired with a reliable heavy-duty battery. That way, the generator kicks on when your home experiences a power outage and allows you to continue your normal routine without disruption.

  • When you experience a power outage, your electronic devices and appliances shut off. This can lead to spoiled food in the fridge, extreme temperatures depending on the season, and the inability to remain comfortable. Home backup generator installation eliminates these fears, ensuring continued power for your lights, sump pump, furnace, and beyond.

  • All homes are different. As such, there is no one-size-fits-all approach to installing a generator at home. Mr. Electric of The Black Hills is here to help you determine the best whole-home generator installation for your needs. We offer several options based on sizing and wattage demands.

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Why Pursue Home Generator Installation

If the home generator installation cost, has you second-guessing whether these fixtures are beneficial, we’re here to help. Here are some common reasons our customers rely on us for whole-home generator installation, including:

Power Outages

Your home can face trouble when the power goes out due to inclement weather or city power issues. Many times, power outages can take hours to restore, leaving your home vulnerable to extreme temperatures, flooding from loss of sump pump power, and many other uncomfortable events.

Inclement Weather

When your Rapid City, SD home is impacted by extreme weather, you may lose power due to city power lines falling. To protect your home from bitter cold or extreme heat, a home generator installation can be used to keep your home comfortable and safe.

Power Line Damage

Power lines are out of our control as homeowners. As such, if an animal chews off a line or an external source impacts power equipment, you may be without power for quite some time until the city can resolve the matter. Fortunately, home generator installation combats these issues.

  • For homeowners looking to satisfy just the essentials in the event of an outage, a portable home generator installation is an excellent choice. These generators can be moved to connect to just the appliance or device you need. They are cost-effective and must be used in open spaces to deter carbon monoxide poisoning.

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