Emergency Electrician Services in Baton Rouge, LA

Mr. Electric electrician standing in front of a truck.

Mr. Electric’s 24-Hour Emergency Electricians Can Help  

At Mr. Electric of Baton Rouge, we understand that dealing with electrical issues at the most inconvenient times can be very frustrating and ruin your daily activities. Electrical problems never seem to happen on a normal nine-to-five schedule, leaving you stressed and tense about repairs during late night hours or your weekend, when it can be harder to schedule an electrician. Not only is this inconvenient, but those who rely on electricity for medical equipment can face a dangerous power lapse and loss of medical support.  

When residential and commercial electrical services worsen and grow into emergencies, you need one of Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA’s best emergency electrical companies. Mr. Electric of Baton Rouge offers quick and reliable emergency electrical services to homes and businesses throughout the area. When you contact us for emergency repairs, we respond promptly, visit your property as soon as possible, and do everything we can to fix your electrical system and restore your power as quickly as possible. Our team of highly trained emergency electricians is available to handle any electrical problem you experience, whether you have a smoking electrical panel or your circuit won't turn back on. Call us today for professional local emergency electrical services!  

How to Know You Need Emergency Electrical Repairs

Home and business owners can find it challenging to determine if a suspected electrical issue justifies contacting an emergency electrician for a timely solution. While people commonly doubt whether their electrical issues are emergencies, waiting to call could result in more extensive and costly repairs and dangerous situations. Even if you question if you need emergency electrical repairs, it's essential to reach out to a licensed electrician to explain what's happening with your electrical system.  

At Mr. Electric of Baton Rouge, we prioritize our client’s safety and understand how severe electrical issues can become when people don’t repair them as quickly as possible. While electrical emergencies vary in type and severity, some of the most common signs you should be aware of requiring scheduling emergency electrical services for your home or business in Baton Rouge or Prairieville, LA include:  

  • You smell burning plastic or metal  
  • An electrical outlet, switch, or electrical panel is hot to the touch  
  • Smoke or sparks are coming out of an outlet  
  • Your circuit breaker trips frequently or is buzzing  
  • Your lights keep flickering  
  • You lose power, and resetting the circuit breaker didn’t resolve the issue  

Emergency Electrical Services We Offer in Baton Rouge

As a trusted emergency electrical company in and around Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA, our team of electricians is fully equipped to handle local electrical emergencies of all types and severities. Mr. Electric of Baton Rouge’s experienced electricians are fully licensed, and their years of experience include repairing all sorts of electrical issues, ranging from storm damage to electrical panels. We’re dedicated to keeping you safe with the following residential and commercial emergency electrical repair services:   

  • Electrical panel repairs 
  • Wiring repairs 
  • Storm damage repairs 
  • Electrical component repairs 
  • When lights or outlets have stopped working 
  • And more! 

Contact Us Today for a 24-Hour Emergency Electrician   

Electrical emergencies don’t have to slow down or stop your entire day or weekend. When you’re in a situation you think may require calling a professional, experienced electrician, you can trust the experts at Mr. Electric of Baton Rouge to get your system running safely and reliably again. Providing emergency electrical services for homeowners and business owners throughout Baton Rouge and Prairieville, LA, we’re here for you at the most inconvenient times. Contact us today to speak with our local emergency electricians!