Commercial Electrical Upgrades and Installations

Every commercial electrical upgrade and installation has at least one thing in common: It needs to get done right – the first time. Here in Texas, businesses just don’t have the time to wait for an amateur electrician to make a second attempt at an installation because it wasn’t completed correctly the first time.

Thankfully, there’s an easy electrical solution for local businesses: Mr. Electric of Weatherford. Our experienced, licensed technicians will perform your commercial installation flawlessly so that your system functions safely, efficiently, and in compliance with the latest electrical codes. Our first-class commercial electrical service is available in Weatherford, Decatur, Springtown, Bridgeport, and the surrounding area.

Safety and Efficiency

When it comes to installing commercial electrical systems, expertise is very important to our business customers. No surprise there. But did you know that their next biggest priority is the efficiency of repairs and service? We get it. That’s why our electricians charge by the job, not the hour. It’s why we’re available on your schedule, and why we take great care to avoid interruptions to your operations.

After all, Mr. Electric of Weatherford is a small business, too. We understand that unexpected delays and interruptions can crush a business. We’ll make sure that doesn’t happen to you.

Commercial Electrical Improvements

Mr. Electric can handle a wide variety of electrical improvements. If your circuit breaker is breaking just a little too often, for example, we can diagnose your problem quickly and – if needed – install new up-to-date circuits, wiring and panels. We can handle the latest commercial electrical systems as well as the older wiring you’ll find in many north Texas buildings. We can also install electrical systems that can help your business run more efficiently.

Commercial Specialty Lighting

Local businesses upgrade their lighting for a variety of reasons: Energy-efficiency, safety, convenience – even better ambience for employees or customers. No matter why you need new commercial lighting, Mr. Electric has you covered. Our electricians are creative and technically-skilled. Count on us for top-quality custom lighting designs and installations for your business, indoors or out.

Commercial Energy Savings and Audits

Depending on the nature of your business, energy can be one of your biggest commercial operating costs. Mr. Electric can assess your energy needs and usage, identify inefficiencies, and make adjustments to bring your energy bills down. Two of our most popular suggestions are to install an electrical ballast (to limit the amount of current in an electrical circuit) and to strategically place high-efficiency bulbs throughout your business. Interested? Call us – our on-site energy audits are free!

Commercial Electrical Safety and Security

If you run a business, you’ve got a lot more than your personal safety to worry about. You also need to safeguard against electrical problems that could put employees or customers at risk. How about your computer data? Will that data be safe if the lights go out? Call us, and we’ll help to ensure your ongoing safety and security. If you suspect that you’ve already got an electrical problem, don’t wait until tomorrow – call Mr. Electric right away. Our emergency electrical service is available 24/7.

We invite you to discover why so many local businesses count on Mr. Electric. We’re proud to serve businesses throughout Weatherford, Decatur, Springtown, Bridgeport, and the surrounding area.