Commercial Electrical System Maintenance

Our technicians here at Mr. Electric of Weatherford say it every day: The best way to keep any commercial electrical system running smoothly is to provide regularly-scheduled maintenance.  Proper electrical system maintenance is essential for ensuring employee and customer safety, as well as avoiding costly business interruptions.

Mr. Electric understands that, when you’re busy running a successful business, proper electrical maintenance might not be foremost in your mind. But if something goes wrong, your electrical system could bring that success to an abrupt halt – and you’ll be spending more time thinking about that system than you ever wanted to do.

Instead, you should consider the many advantages of regular commercial electrical system maintenance from Mr. Electric. Our expert maintenance will:

  • Safeguard against business interruptions and reduced productivity
  • Ensure the safety of both employees and customers
  • Avoid potential property damage, such as from electrical fire
  • Protect against information loss
  • Avoid lawsuits arising from damage or injuries
  • Help to keep insurance rates low
  • Lower business operating costs and saves energy
  • Maintain compliance with occupational safety and building codes
  • Reduce your stress level – and let you get back to running your company

Why Mr. Electric of Weatherford?

Professional electrical maintenance is always a smart idea. But why should you rely on Mr. Electric of Weatherford for that maintenance? We’re a small business, too, and helping other local businesses to succeed is something that’s important to us. That’s just a start; we’re also:

  • Licensed commercial electricians: We’re not only highly trained, but we’re legally authorized to inspect wiring and rectify faulty installations at your commercial property.
  • Dependable and accountable: Our employees are background checked, bonded and insured. Our electrical work is performed to code and will pass inspection.
  • Dedicated to energy efficiency and safety.
  • Guaranteed to succeed: Our electricians don’t just promise to get the job done right. We guarantee it.

What Our Maintenance Checks Include

At Mr. Electric, we perform electrical maintenance the right way. We arrive promptly. We ask the right questions and listen carefully to learn your concerns about your electrical system. We perform our maintenance work without interrupting your business. And we inspect your entire system with each maintenance visit, which includes the following checks:

  • Function of wiring, connections, and electrical panels
  • Electrical cords and outlets; we’ll repair or replace components like plug heads or frayed wires
  • Code-compliance of wiring and systems
  • Function of surge protection, and the ability to protect against overloads
  • Backup generators - we’ll make sure your backup works properly, and can deliver enough power for your business’ needs
  • Lighting - we’ll ensure the right bulbs are used to reduce eye strain, save energy, and/or prevent fire risk.
  • Smoke/carbon monoxide detectors - we’ll test function, replace batteries, and replace expired units

After we complete our maintenance check, we’ll report the condition of your electrical system. If repairs or upgrades are needed, we’ll thoroughly explain the details, recommend the best solutions, and offer multiple options whenever possible.

Benefits of Our Maintenance Plan

We believe strongly in the benefits of an ongoing electrical maintenance program, so we do our best to encourage our customers to participate. So when you sign up for a Mr. Electric Maintenance Plan, you’ll enjoy some great perks:

  • Discounted maintenance plan pricing
  • Priority scheduling for electrical service
  • Access to special discounts, products, and promotions

If your commercial electrical system needs to run smoothly, safely, and efficiently, then proper maintenance checks are the key. Why not schedule a maintenance check from the experts at Mr. Electric? We’re proud to service businesses throughout Weatherford, Decatur, Springtown, Bridgeport, and the surrounding area.