24-Hour Residential Electrical Service

Our electricians see the same thing every day in Weatherford, Decatur, Springtown, and everywhere else we service: Locals trying their hands at household electrical work, trying to save a few dollars. When it comes to just about anything else, we love that can-do spirit. But when it comes to a electrical system, your safety depends on a repair, service, or installation that functions perfectly – and safely. What you need is a licensed expert – just like the electricians here at Mr. Electric.

Mr. Electric provides comprehensive services for all of your residential electrical needs. We also provide the information and resources you’ll need to make the right choice for every electrical repair, service, or upgrade. So no matter which of these services you require, you can always count on a job done right:

Expert Diagnosis and Repair

Even if you’re relatively handy, trying to diagnose an home electrical issue can be frustrating, time-consuming, and downright risky. There’s no guarantee that your diagnosis will be correct – let alone the repair. Instead, let our licensed electricians save you time and aggravation. Our experts can diagnose even the toughest electrical issues. And because we perform repairs correctly and safely – the first time – we may be a less expensive option than attempting the work on your own.

Installation and Upgrades

Every year we bring new electronic devices into our Texas homes and every year we place bigger demands on our household electrical systems. As a result, systems need more power – provided more smoothly – than ever before. Don’t let an outdated electrical system prevent you from enjoying the latest devices. Contact us today to learn how updating an aging electrical system can make your home more user-friendly.

Electrical Improvements

Chances are, our technicians can perform a much wider range of household electrical work than you think. Of course, we perform all of the expected services like electrical panel, circuit breaker, and wiring upgrades. We also install an array of electrical improvements such as lighting systems, ceiling fans, security systems, electric vehicle charging stations, and more.

Home Electrical Safety and Security

Enhanced safety and security are two reasons why you should always rely on a professional, licensed electrician for electrical work. Our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to identify hidden wiring issues, electrocution and fire risks, and other issues that could put you, your home, and your family at risk. Mr. Electric places a great deal of importance on safety, so we offer free electrical safety inspections. Why not schedule one right now?

Specialty Home and Outdoor Lighting

When it comes to lighting, Mr. Electric has you covered – inside and out. We offer lighting solutions that can make your home’s interior more inviting, expand your enjoyment of the yard and patio, or provide additional security against intruders. Many of these options are more affordable, energy-efficient, and convenient than ever. Call today to discover how our fully-customizable interior and exterior lighting solutions can enhance your home.

Home Energy Savings

Here’s another thing we see every day: Older household appliances and systems that use way too much energy – you pay for that on each and every utility bill. Mr. Electric can help. We can evaluate your home and identify ways to improve your energy conservation. And we offer solutions ranging from simple lighting upgrades to ENERGY STAR appliances to solar power. Ready to protect the environment – and your bottom line? We’ve got the know-how to help you do it.

Electrical System Maintenance

Your home’s electrical system gets a little older – and a little less reliable – every day. A neglected system may put you at risk for unexpected repairs, damage to sensitive electronics, and even injury to your home and family. Mr. Electric can provide the maintenance to keep your system in top-shape and safeguard your home, family, and electronics. If it’s been too long since your last inspection, give us a call.

The Mr. Electric Difference

By now, we hope you understand the difference that efficient, properly-functioning electrical systems can make. That difference can only be achieved when you work with a quality electrician – the kind you’ll find at Mr. Electric of Weatherford. Our electricians are licensed, bonded, and insured; we provide up-front pricing; and we guarantee our parts and workmanship. We even offer 24-hour emergency care.

It’s time you started expecting – and getting – more from your electrician. So call Mr. Electric today. We’re proud to serve homes throughout Weatherford, Decatur, Springtown, and the surrounding area.