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The Best Lighting for Bedrooms

Bedroom Lighting

For many homeowners, the bedroom is their sanctuary. It’s where we go to relax and recharge at the end of a long day. For others, the bedroom also serves as a home workspace. Perhaps you have a corner of the bedroom set aside for crafts, hobbies, or a reading nook. Your bedroom lighting scheme should always fit your personal preferences and needs for the space.

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Bedroom Lighting Ideas

Ready to learn how to light a bedroom like a professional designer? The best bedroom lighting ideas should always begin with comfort and relaxation in mind. The best light bulbs for bedrooms are soft white or warm white. Also, choose dimmable lamps, fixtures, and bulbs whenever you can. That way, you will have full control over the mood in your sanctuary, providing the most relaxing environment possible.

Here are a few more bedroom lighting ideas to help you design the perfect illumination updates.

Bedroom Flush Mount Lighting

Flush Mount Lighting.If ever there was a room in the house that called for dimmable lights, it’s the bedroom. Sometimes you just want to relax in bed for a while. But you can’t do that with bright lights bearing down on you. Dimmers are the solution. The bedroom is also the perfect place for stylish flush mount lights. Flush mount lights stay out of the way of ceiling fans and furniture while easily coordinating with any style of décor.

Ceiling Fan with Lights

Ceiling Fan With Lights.Are you one of those people who can’t sleep without a gentle breeze? You definitely need a ceiling fan in your bedroom. If that fan has lights attached to it, even better. Most modern ceiling fans with lights come with remote controls that you can keep on a bedside table. Or choose a smart ceiling fan that you can control from your smartphone. Then, there’s no need to get out of bed to flip switches or pull chains when a fan or light adjustment is necessary.

Want a ceiling fan in your bedroom, but there’s no existing wiring or fixture? Mr. Electric can help with that.

Indoor String Lights

Indoor String Lights.While indoor string lights aren’t for everyone, they can add a little whimsy and a soft glow to a bedroom. For children’s bedrooms, string lights make a fun alternative to traditional night-lights. So what are the best string lights for bedrooms? It depends on your style. Consider outlining the headboard with a string of white fairy lights. Or crisscross your ceiling with a couple of strings of Edison lights. Paper lantern strings are another fun and unique option to play with.

Is time for a more thorough bedroom upgrade? This bedroom style guide from our friends at Five Star Painting will inspire you to accomplish greatness with your bedroom redesign.

Bedside Lamps

Bedroom Bedside Lamp Lighting.Your bedside lamp is the workhorse of bedroom lights. It’s the light you turn on when you’re getting ready for bed and when you rise in the morning. It’s the light you count on when you’re startled awake in the middle of the night. It’s probably also your go-to reading lamp. So, choose bedside lamps that fit your style. Go with light bulbs that provide just the right amount of light.

A quick note about bedroom lamps: don’t soften or change the color of lamplights by draping fabric over the lampshade. This is a fire hazard. Use lower-light bulbs in your lamps instead.

Bedroom Lighting Installation Services

Mr. Electric knows how to light a bedroom, and we understand that your bedroom’s atmosphere is important for your well-being. Your local Mr. Electric would love to help you create the sanctuaries your family deserves in each of your bedrooms. Better bedroom lighting is easy to achieve with licensed electricians performing professional installations. You can schedule an appointment online with your local Mr. Electric, or call us today.

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