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What’s the Best Lighting for Basements?

Basement Lighting

If you’re lucky enough to have a basement, you may be considering all the ways you can create more livable space in your lowest level. With little natural light available, achieving adequate lighting in a basement is critical for making the space fit for use. Due to the lack of windows or exterior doors, the usual rules for lighting a living room or bedroom don’t always apply in basements.

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Basement Lighting Ideas

There are so many fun things you can do with a finished basement, such as:

  • Game room
  • Home theater
  • Children’s playroom
  • Den/family room
  • Home office
  • Guest suite
  • Crafting corner
  • Family library and reading nook
  • Homeschooling room

Whatever you decide to do with your basement space, you’ll need the right lights. Here are some basement lighting ideas to help you get your plans going.

Basement Stairwell Lighting

Basement Stairwell Lighting.First thing’s first: Can you see where you’re going when you head down the stairs to the basement? If it’s a dark crawl down to the lower level, start by upgrading the basement stairwell lighting. Depending on the stairwell’s configuration, you may find that a pendant light, semi-flush fixture, or a wall sconce will be ideal. Be sure the light bulbs in the fixtures are bright enough to illuminate the entire stairwell. Also, have a three-way switch installed so that the light can be controlled from the top and bottom of the stairwell.

Basement Recessed Lighting

Recessed Basement Lighting.Looking for the right lights for a drop-ceiling basement? Recessed lights, or can lights, are the way to go. Basement ceilings are often the lowest in the house, and adding a drop ceiling to accommodate plumbing pipes or HVAC vents reduces that headroom even more. Can lights provide ample general lighting without hanging down from the drop ceiling to make the room feel any more constricted.

Flush/Semi-Flush Lights

Semi Flush Basement Lighting.If the ceiling offers enough room, flush or semi-flush light fixtures can be a great choice for basements. They cast wider general lighting than recessed lights, which means you will need to install fewer fixtures than if you choose recessed lights. Plus, flush and semi-flush light fixtures are available in a wide range of styles. You can choose just the right fixtures to complement that game room, den, or guest room you’re building in the basement.

Basement Track Lighting

Basement Track Lighting.If the basement is being turned into a common space for friends and family to enjoy, you may be thinking of decorating with items that mean a lot to you personally. Family photos, animal mounts, and other mementos deserve to be seen and appreciated. Illuminating a den’s artifacts with track lighting is a popular lighting strategy. Or, if you’re creating a basement game room, track lighting is a great way to light up dartboards, scoreboards, and posters.

Unfinished Basement Lighting Ideas

You may plan to leave a portion of the basement unfinished. This is common for homes with utility rooms or workshops in the basement. And it makes sense: Why finish a room that’s going to repeatedly be covered in sawdust? Why finish a laundry room that nobody is going to spend time in? However, effective lighting is still important for these kinds of spaces. Choose light fixtures that provide ample light for your workspaces. In many cases, LED workshop lights are a great solution. If you will be using power tools in the room, choose fixtures that provide protection for the light bulbs.

Professional Basement Lighting Installation

Did you know that your local Mr. Electric specializes in lighting installations? Whatever plans you have in mind for your basement, you can count on us for expert installation services for lights, ceiling fans, dedicated circuits for appliances, and much more. Call Mr. Electric today or schedule an appointment online.

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