Electrical Safety Inspections for Homes & Businesses in Round Rock, TX

Protect Your Property & People With Our Expert Inspections

At Mr. Electric of Round Rock, we believe that electrical safety should always be a top priority for homeowners and business owners in Round Rock, TX. Our licensed electricians offer comprehensive electrical safety inspections to ensure that your property is safe for your family, customers, or employees. Neglecting routine inspections can lead to undetected safety hazards, such as fires or electrical shocks. Our expert electricians can help you upgrade your wiring, install childproof outlets, and add whole house surge protectors, among other services. Learn more about our electrical home inspections, and get in touch with us today to request a quote.

Mr. Electric electrician testing electricity outlet

The Importance of Electrical Safety Inspections

Electrical safety inspections are crucial for protecting people and property from the severe consequences of malfunctioning electrical systems. Our professional electricians will identify any issues with your electrical system and recommend upgrades before minor issues become major problems. In addition to providing peace of mind, electrical safety inspections can help you save money and energy. We are happy to answer your questions about electrical home safety inspections and provide you with a quote for your electrical safety inspection cost. Our professionals will visit your home and provide residential electrical services if you live in Round Rock, Cedar Park, or Georgetown, TX.

What's Included in a Safety Inspection?

Our electrical safety inspections cover all types of properties, including boat docks, swimming pools, and commercial industries. We check all electrical systems, wires, and components to ensure that they function correctly and meet legal safety standards and codes. After your safety inspection, we provide you with a detailed checklist of areas that require immediate attention, recommendations for improvements, and potential upgrades. We will work with an electrical safety inspection checklist to ensure everything has been covered. Our electrical safety inspections include the following services:

  • Checking ground systems
  • Inspecting smoke detectors
  • Testing smoke detectors and replacing batteries if necessary
  • Testing carbon monoxide detectors and replacing batteries if necessary
  • Checking ground fault circuit interrupting GFCI devices
  • Inspecting electrical panels for appropriate operation, amps, and labels
  • Checking for safety and security lighting
  • Wall and switch outlet operation and condition
  • Checking arc fault circuit interrupting devices
  • Inspecting all outdoor electrical systems
  • Checking breaker size and over-current protection
  • Inspecting and reporting on any potential hazards

How Often Are Electrical Safety Inspections Required?

Mr. Electric of Round Rock recommends scheduling an electrical safety inspection when purchasing a home or building, before installing a major appliance, or before and after completing significant renovations. We also recommend having an electrical safety inspection every few years to stay on the safe side. Our professionals can visit your home at any time if you are experiencing electrical problems that concern you or if your monthly energy bills have spiked out of control. Your safety is always paramount, and an electrical safety inspection could prevent a loved one from being injured in the future.

Schedule Your Electrical Safety Inspection Today

At Mr. Electric of Round Rock, we strive to keep our services affordable. We include a free Home Safety Check on every residential service call. Our professional electricians will ensure that all components of your home’s electrical system are safe and up-to-date to protect your loved ones from being injured, avoid excessive energy bills, and keep your devices and appliances safe from power surges. Contact us today to ensure the safety of your property and the people who use it by requesting a quote.