GFCI Outlet Installation Services in Round Rock, TX

Protect Your Family with GFCI Outlets

Keep your home safe from electric shocks with affordable and easy GFCI outlet installation services from Mr. Electric of Round Rock. Our knowledgeable electricians specialize in GFCI outlet installation in Round Rock, TX, and will ensure your home is up to code standards in Texas. Our professional electricians can install GFCI outlets throughout your home to ensure your family and property are safe and protected. While you may not know much about GFCI outlets, having them installed or replaced could keep your family safe and save you money. Request a quote today to learn more about how GFCI outlets can protect your family.

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Understanding GFCI Outlets

Before installing GFCI outlets, it's essential to understand what they are and where they're required. Most homeowners don’t know much about a GFCI outlet, but there’s no need to fret. Our team can replace GFCI outlets or add them if they are not already in place. We receive many questions, such as “what is a GFCI outlet?” and are happy to answer your queries and help you become more informed about GFCIs. Here's what you need to know:

  • GFCI outlets are required in areas prone to moisture, including kitchens, bathrooms, and garages.
  • GFCI outlets have "test" and "reset" buttons on their receptacles and cut off power to the outlet when an imbalance in electricity flow is detected.
  • Our professional electricians can help determine your GFCI outlet needs.

How to Test & Operate GFCI Outlets

It's important to know how to test and operate GFCI outlets. GFCI outlet replacement is often necessary when they are no longer working correctly. Mr. Electric of Round Rock is here to help if your GFCI outlet is not working or your GFCI outlet keeps tripping. We also install outdoor GFCI outlets for homes in Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Georgetown, TX. You may be able to avoid having to call us by performing the following simple steps. If these tests do not produce the desired outcome, we are happy to visit your home and perform a professional inspection. Here’s how you can test your GFCI outlets:

  • Push the "test" button to stop all electrical flow to the outlet.
  • Plug in a small device that uses a minimal amount of electricity to make sure no power is flowing to the receptacle.
  • Push the "reset" button to resume power flow to the outlet.
  • Test all your GFCI outlets each month to ensure they function properly.

GFCI Outlet Requirements

GFCI outlets are required in many areas of your home, especially those prone to moisture. Knowing when GFCI outlet requirements were put into place can help you understand which ones your home should have based on when it was built. Here are the requirements and the years they were put into place:

  • Spas & Pool Areas - 1971
  • Home Exteriors - 1973
  • Bathrooms - 1975
  • Garages - 1987
  • Kitchen Countertops - 1987
  • Crawlspaces & Unfinished Basements - 1990
  • Wet Bars - 1993
  • Laundry & Utility Sinks - 2005

The Limitations of GFCI Outlets

While GFCI outlets are a great safety feature, they do have limitations. Knowing about some of the limitations of GCI outlets can help you avoid problems. Here's what you should know, so you don’t misuse your GFCI outlets:

  • Avoid using GFCI outlets for refrigerators, freezers, stoves, and dryers, which can trip the outlets.
  • Don't use appliances with heating elements, like toasters or irons, with GFCI outlets.
  • Avoid plugging extension cords with too many devices into GFCI outlets.

Schedule GFCI Outlet Upgrades Today

Upgrade your home's power receptacles and reduce the risk of electrical shock with GFCI outlet installation from Mr. Electric of Round Rock. Our professionals can do it all when it comes to residential electrical services in Texas. Contact us today to schedule your GFCI outlet upgrades and request a quote.