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All the appliances and electronics in your home rely on your electrical system to be working properly. When part of your electrical system breaks, the results can range from a minor disruption to a safety hazard. Mr. Electric of Round Rock performs electrical repairs in Round Rock, Texas. When you need help fixing part of your home’s electrical system, call a team you can count on. Learn more about our electrical repair services.

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How to Know When You Need Electrical Repairs

Sometimes it’s obvious that you need a professional electrician, such as when an outlet stops working. Other times, the signs of an electrical problem can be more subtle, such as a breaker that trips more often than it should. So, how is a safety-minded homeowner supposed to know when they need electric repairs? With your home’s electrical system, the best philosophy is “better safe than sorry.” Mr. Electric of Round Rock offers quick and easy safety inspections. So, it’s no hassle to get any potential electrical issue diagnosed.

Explore Our Electrical Repair Services

Nothing can be quite as disheartening as calling an electrician only to discover they don’t handle the particular repair you need. That’s not something you need to worry about when you call Mr. Electric of Round Rock. We have one of the most comprehensive home electrical repair teams in the area. Our electrical repair service specialists can handle everything from fixing a light fixture to updating your home to meet the standards of the 2023 National Electrical Code. Some of our electrical repair services include:

  • Circuit Breaker Replacement – If you find yourself constantly making trips to your circuit panel to reset the breakers, it might be time to replace or upgrade your circuit breakers. We can help you calculate the proper amperage of a circuit breaker so that you can safely run all the devices you need without tripping them.
  • Wiring Replacement – Often, problems with your wiring are easy to miss. If you suspect that your home has outdated wiring, such as aluminum wiring, our professional electricians will happily inspect them and let you know if you need to make an upgrade.
  • Electrical Outlet Replacement – There are many reasons to install new outlets. If you have old two-pronged outlets, then you may want to upgrade for safety reasons. If you find yourself using extension cords and power strips a lot, you may want to install a new outlet for added convenience.
  • Lighting Repairs – Do your lights flicker, or do bulbs burn out more quickly than you would expect? A problem with your lights can be caused by anything from improper wiring to a faulty light fixture. We can diagnose the source of the problem and offer you the best solutions.
  • Ceiling Fan Installation – When your ceiling fan stops working or starts to act up, the problem could be minor or major. Let one of our licensed electricians install a new one with modern features.
  • Electrical Code Updates – Unless you’re an experienced electrician, it’s nearly impossible to know if your home meets the standards of the current electrical code. Mr. Electric of Round Rock performs thorough and rigorous electrical code updates to ensure your home is as safe and efficient as possible.
  • Child Proof Outlets – A tamper-resistant outlet is a great way to boost the safety of your home instead of using plastic plug covers. The child-resistant device prevents anyone from inserting objects when unequal pressure is applied.

Why Choose Mr. Electric of Round Rock

Homeowners in Round Rock, Cedar Park, and Georgetown love working with Mr. Electric of Round Rock because we offer the ideal combination of professionalism, reliability, safety, and convenience. Our uniformed electricians are friendly and treat every home as if it were their very own. We ensure all technicians are knowledgeable with in-depth, ongoing training. On top of that, we offer convenient scheduling and explain the costs of our home electrical repair services ahead of time. With our customer-focused philosophy, you’ll love working with us too!

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If you are dealing with electrical problems in your home, call a team that you can trust. Mr. Electric of Round Rock is an electric repair company of licensed electricians who always get the job done right the first time. Our goal is to take the stress and worry out of electrical repairs. We will diagnose the source of the problem, explain it to you thoroughly, and offer you the most competitively priced solutions. Schedule your electrical repair appointment now!