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Home Generator Installation and Maintenance in Queensbury, NY

A home backup generator or whole-house generator will keep your home’s electrical appliances running if there is a power outage. If you live in an area that experiences frequent storms or is very remote, investing in a home generator can keep you and your family comfortable until the power is turned back on. You should also consider a backup generator if you have medical or other electronic equipment that must operate reliably 24/7. At Mr. Electric of Queensbury, we have a team of highly experienced service technicians who offer home generator installation in Queensbury, NY. We can help you determine which type of home generator is right for you and offer professional installation and maintenance services.

Home Generator Installation and Maintenance in Queensbury, NY
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  • Our team of service technicians can help you choose the right home generator for installation. We offer home backup generator installation and whole home generator installation. The type of generator you choose will depend on the size of your home, how many electrical appliances you want to power, the type of fuel you want to use, and your budget:

  • A standby generator, also called a whole home generator, is a permanent solution. These generators are larger, more powerful, and are permanently installed. When a power outage occurs, it triggers a switch connected to your electrical system. This switch converts your home’s power usage over to the generator. The system works quickly, and your power outage will only last a minute or two. You should consider whole home generator installation if your area experiences frequent power outages, you want to power your entire home, you live in a remote area, or you have special medical needs. These generators are typically fueled by propane or natural gas.

  • A portable generator is much smaller and can be moved from one place to another to deliver electricity as needed. It can typically only power a few large appliances at one time, and you will need to hook it up manually in the event of a power loss. They are not connected to your circuit breaker panel and can only power appliances with a standard plug. Smaller portable generators may have the capacity to power a refrigerator, some lights, and a phone charger. They are typically fueled by gasoline.

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When Do You Need Home Backup Generator Installation?

A home generator is an appliance that provides electricity to your home when the power is out. A power outage or blackout can be dangerous, especially during extreme weather. Home generator installation will help you avoid the inconvenience and discomfort of waiting in your home in the dark until the power can be turned back on. A home generator can power your entire house or just specific electrical appliances you need access to, like the refrigerator, heating and cooling system, stove, and oven. Hiring our experienced electrical service technicians for home backup generator installation will provide power to your home during:

  • Blackouts and power outages
  • Extreme weather situations like blizzards, hurricanes, and tornadoes
  • Natural disasters
  • Power loss due to power equipment damage from a car accident or animal activity

Why Consider Installing a Generator at Home?

You should consider home generator installation to protect yourself or a family member from health or safety issues that could occur during a power outage. Generator installation will ensure crucial electric appliances stay on and functional during a power outage so that you and your family stay safe. We recommend generator installation if:

  • You have a medical condition that requires you to take temperature-controlled (refrigerated) medication.
  • You use medical equipment that must be plugged in/functional 24/7.
  • You live in a remote area that is hard for electric companies to service.
  • Your area regularly experiences power outages that last for days or weeks.
  • Your home or the area you live in would be unsafe if the lights were out.
  • You experience extreme storms regularly, especially in the winter and/or summer.
  • Your health and safety would be affected if you couldn’t use your home’s heating or cooling system.
  • Keeping up with generator maintenance and service will extend the lifespan of your generator, help you avoid the need for generator repair and replacement, and ensure your generator functions properly when you need it the most. Our team offers routine home generator maintenance services and generator repair.

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