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Electrical Service Professional Explains Top Reasons for Power Surges

WACO, Texas (April 8, 2015) – A lot of people believe the most common reason for power surges is when lightning strikes. And although lightning strikes do account for power surges in the home, and electrical equipment should be protected when storms pass through, lightning strikes are not the main reason for home power surges. Mr. Electric has the main reasons for power surges homeowners should know about.

Heavy-duty electrical equipment

Electrical equipment such as stoves, microwaves, refrigerators and dishwashers are the most common reason for home power surges. Using a dedicated circuit for these appliances will help eliminate power surges.

Faulty wiring

Old or faulty wiring can cause electrical equipment to short out or create a power surge. If the running of electrical devices is causing breakers to trip, consult an electrician about inspecting the wiring in the home.

Sometimes the reason for power surges may have nothing to do with a homes electrical work. Transformers can malfunction causing surges of electricity to be brought into the home. Power companies will have to fix the transformers before normal power is restored to the home.


The storm season brings lots of lightning, which can be damaging to all electrical equipment in a home. Lightning strikes near power lines cause a spike in electrical pressure by millions of volts. These volts cause the power surge that travels into the home.

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