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When was the last time you thought about the quality and condition of your home’s electrical outlets? Many homeowners don’t think twice about their outlets as long as they work properly. You might be surprised to find that your outlets are less safe and more inefficient than the options available today. Mr. Electric of Palo Alto helps install outlets for homeowners in Palo Alto, California, and the surrounding areas. Let our team of licensed electricians help you figure out which outlets need to be replaced or where you could benefit from installing brand-new outlets. Learn more about electrical outlet installation.

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What Specialty Outlets Can Do for You

There are many different types of electrical outlets. Some increase safety. Some enhance performance. Some add convenience. Whatever your goal is, we can help you replace your electrical outlets with a new specialty outlet that makes your life easier, safer, and more efficient. At the minimum, you should upgrade to three-pronged grounded outlets if you do not have them in any area of your home. Two-pronged ungrounded outlets are considered outdated, and they are not allowed in newly constructed homes according to the National Electrical Code. If you are replacing an outlet, why not pick something special? Some of the specialty outlets Mr. Electric of Palo Alto can install include the following:

  • Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter (GFCI) Outlets – You can identify GFCI outlets by their “Test” and “Reset” buttons. These outlets have an internal device that monitors the flow of electricity. If the flow of electricity deviates from its normal path (such as when a hairdryer is dropped into a sink full of water), it will cut off the power. This is a necessary safety feature in areas such as bathrooms, laundry rooms, garages, and kitchens.
  • Arc Fault Interrupter (AFCI) Outlets – Many electrical fires are caused by electrical arcs. An arc occurs when electricity escapes a wire’s plastic insulation. An AFCI outlet monitors this sort of electrical arc. If it identifies one, it will cut power to that circuit. This safety feature can prevent fires and help you find damaged sections of wiring in your home.
  • Smart Outlets – Smart outlet installation lets you to transmit data to smart home features through your outlet. This way, you can provide power and communicate with smart devices, such as speakers and security cameras, through a single port.
  • USB Outlets – Many electronic devices use a USB cord for charging now. So, instead of using a power cube adapter and cluttering up your outlet, you can install an outlet with built-in USB ports. This will make charging all your devices easier than ever.
  • Switched Outlets – If you want to install an electrical outlet that is controlled by a switch, we can help. We have receptacles that are half outlet and half switch. You can plug in a device, such as a lamp, and control the flow of power to it by the attached light switch.
  • Tamper-Resistant Outlets – Tamper-resistant outlets prevent little ones from sticking fingers or foreign objects into electrical outlets. These safety outlets have built-in features that make it practically impossible for little ones to open. They are significantly safer than plastic plug inserts you might buy from a big box store.
  • Two Duplex Outlets – If you need more outlets in a specific area, you don’t necessarily need to install a whole new outlet. Instead, we can help you upgrade to a two-duplex outlet. These specialty outlets have four places to plug in devices instead of the traditional two.
  • 15-Amp Outlets – A 15-amp outlet is standard. It will have three prongs and provide a decent amount of power. These outlets are recommended in areas that don’t need to power several high-power devices at once, such as hallways and bedrooms.
  • 20-Amp Outlets – These outlets are designed to handle a higher capacity electrical flow than the average outlet. This is great for areas such as kitchens and workshops where you may need to use power-hungry appliances and equipment.
  • 30-Amp Outlets – Some appliances, like gas dryers and RV shore power lines, require a special 30-amp outlet.
  • 50-Amp Outlets – Electric Dryers, ovens, and other heavy-duty appliances need a 50-amp outlet. This is the most powerful type of electrical outlet that is installed in residential properties.

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