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Your electrical panel regulates the flow of electricity throughout your home. It is one of the most crucial safety components in your electrical system. During its lifespan, your electrical panel can cause many problems, from burnt-out breakers to an inadequate supply of electricity to certain areas of the home. Mr. Electric of Palo Alto offers electrical panel repairs in Palo Alto, California, and the surrounding areas. We can help you with everything from upgrading your breakers to completely replacing your electrical panel. Learn more about our electrical panel installation and repair services.

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What Is an Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel is typically housed inside a gray metal box. Inside, it has rows of circuit breakers. The breakers should be labeled to indicate the area of the house they control. This metal box and the breakers within it connect your home to your utility company’s raw power supply. The various electrical components in your home, such as wiring, outlets, and light fixtures, are designed to handle a certain amount of electrical current. Electrical current is measured in amperage. When the amperage running through a home’s electrical system exceeds the levels it was designed to handle, it will overheat, running the risk of starting a fire. So, the circuit breakers in your electrical panel constantly monitor the electrical current running through your home. If the levels suddenly spike, a circuit breaker will trip, cutting power from that section of your home and preventing it from overheating.

What Kind of Electrical Panel Repairs Can We Perform?

When you need help repairing an electrical panel, Mr. Electric of Palo Alto begins by performing a careful inspection. We believe in thorough diagnostics. We can offer effective solutions once we have pinpointed the issue facing your electrical panel. Not all repairs stem from a damaged or outdated component, though. Sometimes, a homeowner just wants to upgrade their electrical system for better performance or convenience, such as installing a new electrical circuit or replacing their electrical panel. Some of the most common electrical panel repairs we perform include the following:

  • Electrical Panel Upgrades – If your electrical panel is outdated or past its effective lifespan, we can help you install a new high-performance electrical panel.
  • Circuit Breaker Replacement – We can increase your electrical service by simply replacing a breaker that trips too often.
  • Electrical Circuit Installation – Installing an entirely new circuit can improve the electrical delivery to certain parts of your home, such as security systems, workshops, and heavy-duty appliances.
  • Electrical Panel Rewiring – Sometimes, your electrical panel is in fine condition, but the wiring around it is outdated or damaged. We can help replace the wiring connected to your electrical panel.
  • Bus Bar Replacement – Replacing an aging or underperforming bus bar can add a significant increase to the safety and efficiency of your entire electrical system.
  • Electrical Panel Relocation – If your electrical panel is in a less-than-ideal location, we can help you move it to a better spot within your home.

How to Identify a Bad Circuit Breaker

The circuit breakers are among the most important parts of your electrical panel. When your electrical system is at risk of electrical overload, the circuit breakers will trip and cut off electricity to a specific area of your home. There are many reasons that your circuit breakers can go bad, from age to overuse. Some of the signs that indicate your breakers are bad include the following:

  • If your breakers trip too often
  • If a circuit breaker won’t reset
  • If a circuit breaker feels hot
  • If your electrical panel is producing smoke or a burning smell
  • If the wires inside your electrical panel are visibly frayed or melted
  • If you can hear a sizzling or popping noise coming from your electrical panel

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