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Get Ballast Replacement Services in Palo Alto, California

Most business owners don’t pay much attention to their light fixtures. This could be a costly oversight. Lighting and light fixtures can account for up to 35% of your total energy usage. That means you can noticeably reduce your energy costs by upgrading the ballasts and bulbs in your light fixtures. Mr. Electric of Palo Alto offers ballast replacement in Palo Alto, California. We will help you create a lighting configuration for your building that provides clear visibility and energy efficiency. Learn more about replacing the ballasts or bulbs in your property.
Get Ballast Replacement Services in Palo Alto, California
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  • To better understand the importance of your commercial lighting, let’s review the anatomy of a light fixture. The bulb is the part of your light fixture that produces the light. Most people are familiar with replacing light bulbs in their homes. However, you may not be aware of the wide variety of bulbs that are available in commercial lighting. Next, we have the housing or base of the fixture. This part of your light fixture holds the light bulb in place. Finally, there is the ballast which is the most overlooked part of commercial lighting. The ballast regulates the flow of electricity to your light bulbs. Not all light fixtures have a ballast, but many forms of commercial lighting do, such as fluorescent or HID lighting. This is essential because a high-quality ballast will prevent energy waste & increase efficiency across your whole property.
  • There are many reasons to update your property’s ballasts, bulbs & light fixtures. Whether you have a faulty ballast that’s causing flickering or you just want to cut energy costs, Mr. Electric of Palo Alto can help you make your lighting upgrade a success. Some of the reasons to upgrade your lighting include:

    • Your lights fail to turn on or off when they should.
    • Your lights flicker.
    • Your lights are too dim.
    • Your light bulbs burn out too quickly.
    • Your lights have visible damage, such as cracks or burn marks.
    • Your lights produce an unpleasant color of light.
    • Your employees or guests complain about the light being too harsh on their eyes.
    • Your lights are using too much energy.
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Choosing the Right Bulb for Your Business

When you are upgrading your property’s light fixtures, you, of course, need to consider the type of bulb you are using. Ballasts are designed to work with certain types of light bulbs. So, when we replace your ballasts, we can also upgrade to a better type of light bulb, which can further increase your property’s energy efficiency. Some of the most commonly used light bulbs include the following:

  • Incandescent – Incandescent bulbs are the most basic type of light bulb and are not known for their energy efficiency. You might be familiar with these bulbs from their use in homes, although many homeowners have upgraded to LED or fluorescent options. There are various types of incandescent bulbs, such as general service, xenon, and reflectorized.
  • Halogen – Halogen bulbs are twice as efficient as incandescent bulbs. They produce a noticeably brighter light. Their brightness makes them ideal for outdoor applications, such as security lighting or stadium lighting.
  • Fluorescent – Fluorescent bulbs are popular in commercial properties due to their energy efficiency. They require less maintenance because they can last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs while using much less electricity. There are even compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) that work in a standard light socket.
  • HID/Metal Halide – High-intensity discharge (HID) bulbs are more efficient than fluorescent bulbs and produce much more intense light. These are commonly used in warehouses and other industrial facilities because they provide high visibility. Some commercial property owners do not like the color of the light they produce.
  • LED – LED bulbs are the king when it comes to energy efficiency. They last longer and use less energy than any other option. LED bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs, and they rarely need to be replaced because they last 35 to 50 times as long.

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