Circuit Breaker Replacement Service in Ontario, CA

Trust Our Pros for Circuit Breaker Replacement Service

A problem with your home’s circuit breaker can increase your risk of power outages, power surges, broken appliances, and house fires. It’s important to only hire a professional to repair or replace a circuit breaker. At Mr. Electric of Ontario, we’re experts in circuit breaker replacement service in Ontario, Chino, and Riverside, CA. We can quickly diagnose problems with home circuit breakers and offer a professional recommendation about whether you should repair or replace a main circuit breaker. Call us today to schedule an appointment or request an estimate for circuit breaker replacement costs.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker.

Watch for Signs You Need to Replace a Circuit Breaker

You can protect the safety of your family and home by understanding the warning signs of a circuit breaker problem. As soon as you see signs of a problem, call our professionals. We can inspect your circuit breaker for issues and determine if we need to replace the circuit breaker. Circuit breaker replacement is often the safest and most cost-effective solution for old, damaged, or outdated circuit breakers. Give us a call if you see any of these signs you need to replace a main circuit breaker:

  • Breakers trip repeatedly.
  • You smell a burning scent from the electrical panel.
  • Your appliances aren’t working correctly.
  • Your breaker won’t stay in reset position.
  • You see signs of damage on your breaker panel.
  • Your circuit breaker is more than twenty years old and/or operates on fuses.
  • The amp wiring is wrong.
  • The breaker trips every time you use a specific appliance.
  • You see rust around the circuit breaker panel.
  • The panel is hot to the touch.
  • You see a burned area or black spot on the electrical panel or an outlet.
  • You hear a buzzing sound.
  • You are planning on upgrading your appliances and/or remodeling your home.
  • Your lights keep flickering or dimming.
  • Your outlets or switches are discolored.
  • You see melted wires.

Explore Benefits of Circuit Breaker Replacement

If we can safely perform circuit breaker repair, we will. There are times, however, when it is safer and a better investment to opt for circuit breaker replacement. Take a look at some of these benefits of circuit breaker replacement service:

  • Boost your home’s electrical safety and performance
  • Protect your appliances and electronics
  • Avoid damaging your devices
  • Prevent house fires and safety issues
  • Accommodate increased electrical load, new appliances, and/or remodeling

Review the Need for Professional Circuit Breaker Replacement

While it isn’t hard to find instructional videos on how to replace circuit breakers, it isn’t the safest or fastest option. A professional can quickly replace circuit breakers without risking property damage or safety issues. In the end, you’ll save money by investing in professional circuit breaker replacement costs. You won’t need to purchase expensive tools, equipment, or materials, and you can trust that the job will be done correctly the first time. Plus, a professional can offer an expert opinion as to whether you would benefit more from circuit breaker repair or circuit breaker replacement.

Request an Estimate for Circuit Breaker Replacement Cost

If you’re concerned about the cost of circuit breaker replacement service, call us today. We’re happy to offer you a quote for circuit breaker replacement costs. We are always transparent about our pricing, and our goal is to save our customers time and money. You can also sign up for our Mr. Electric Advantage Plan to save on the cost of electric repairs and circuit breaker replacement. Our Advantage Plan members get preferential pricing, priority scheduling, and written records of all maintenance and repair services completed at your address.

Request a Consult to Replace a Main Circuit Breaker

If you’re ready to request a consultation to replace a main circuit breaker in Ontario, CA, call us at Mr. Electric of Ontario. We’ll schedule an in-home consultation to assess and evaluate the condition, health, and safety of your home’s circuit breaker. We’ll then give you our expert opinion as to whether you need circuit breaker repair, or circuit breaker replacement service. Call us today to request an estimate for circuit breaker replacement costs in Ontario, Chino, or Riverside, CA.