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EV Chargers Installation & Service in Ontario, CA

Professional EV Chargers Installation & Service in Ontario

An electric vehicle charger, or EV charger, can be installed in your home so that you always have access to a charger for your electric vehicle. EV chargers installation will increase your convenience, improve your comfort, and increase the resale value of your home. At Mr. Electric of Ontario, we offer professional EV chargers installation & service in Ontario, Chino, and Riverside, CA. We can quickly assess your space and determine the perfect place for EV chargers installation. We also offer comprehensive home EV charger service, repairs, and maintenance. Call us today to schedule a consultation for home EV chargers installation & service. You can also ask for a quote for EV chargers installation & service costs.

EV Chargers Installation & Service in Ontario, CA

Professional EV Chargers Installation & Service in Ontario

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  • We specialize in professional home EV chargers installation & service, including repairs and maintenance. Our services include:

    • EV chargers installation – We can determine what type of EV charger is best for your needs and budget. We then provide professional installation, inspection, and testing.
    • Home EV charger service and maintenance – After installation, your EV charger will need occasional service and maintenance. This will extend the lifespan of your EV charger and maintain its safety and operation. Watch for signs of external damage, slow charging, extreme weather, low voltage levels, and exposed wiring.
    • EV charger repairs – If your EV charger is operating slower than usual or isn’t working at all, we can do an inspection. We can diagnose the problem with your EV charger, and determine if it would be safer, more effective, and more cost-efficient to repair or replace your EV charger.
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Review Our Process for EV Chargers Installation

When you contact us for professional EV chargers installation, we’ll first do an in-home consultation to assess your home and space. We’ll make our recommendation for the type of home EV charger you need: level one, two, or three. Level one chargers can use any three-prong electrical outlet but are very slow and can take up to 20 hours to charge your car’s battery. A level two charger requires a 240v outlet and can charge an EV battery in around three hours. A level three charger is a standalone charging station that you might see at a retail location, gas station, or other property. It charges a vehicle in around 30 minutes but is very expensive. After we determine what type of EV charger you need, we’ll begin our process for EV chargers installation:

  • Inspect all equipment to make sure it works before it’s installed
  • Inspect your site to make sure that it can handle a home EV chargers installation
  • Determine if you need an electrical panel upgrade to accommodate an increased load
  • Install a 40-amp, 240-volt circuit with 8-AWG wiring
  • Perform a start-up inspection to make sure equipment is working properly
  • Give you information about the EV charger features, maintenance, usage, service, limitations, and warranty
  • A home EV charger supplies power to the battery of an electric vehicle, such as a car, motorcycle, or scooter. Electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles both require EV charging to maintain the lifespan of the battery, protect it from damage, and to keep it full and operational. The EV charger functions by pulling in an electrical current from a 240v outlet, or your home’s power grid that it is hardwired to and supplies that power to the vehicle. It functions like any other outlet that supplies power to an electrical appliance, but it provides a much higher voltage of power than most home electrical outlets. If you own an electric vehicle, you probably already know how inconvenient and stressful it is to try to find an EV charger when you need one. Home EV charger service guarantees that you always have access to a safe, functional, and convenient EV charger whenever you need one.

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