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Electric Panel Upgrades in Omaha, NE & Surrounding Areas

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Today With Our Expertise

Your electrical panel is responsible for regulating the electricity that flows through your home or business. When there is an influx in electricity on a circuit, the circuit breaker trips within the electrical panel to prevent the electricity from overloading the wiring. Overloads are hazardous occurrences and can result in electrical fires. Your electrical panel plays a vital role in protecting your property and the people inside. As homes age, so do their electrical panels, which leads to the electrical panel being unable to keep up with the demands of the electrical system. When this arises, Mr. Electric of Omaha is here to offer reliable electrical panel upgrades that reduce the risk of hazardous situations and enhance the function of your electrical system. We extend our electrical panel upgrade services to customers in Omaha, Bennington, Boys Town, Douglas County, Ralston, Bellevue, and Green Meadows, NE.

Electric Panel Upgrades in Omaha, NE & Surrounding Areas

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel Today With Our Expertise

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  • Electric companies supply a main power line that connects to power meters on residential properties. This line extends into your electrical panel within your home, which is typically located in areas such as the utility room, garage, basement, or closet. Inside the electrical panel there are a series of switches, the circuit breakers that break the main power line into smaller branches. Some rows of switches are tripled or doubled together, as these are responsible for functioning appliances that demand more electricity. In the door of the electrical panel there is generally a label that explains each of the outlet and appliance switch locations by number. Additionally, the switches are numbered to let you know the amp capacity of each branch line. The electrical panel is also equipped with a main breaker that can be used to shut off the power of the entire system.
  • Electrical panels can malfunction, and when they do, the cause is often related to overloaded circuits. Signs may include flickering lights or the need to shut off appliances when using another device plugged into the same circuit. If the panel is not working properly, the breakers will trip, or they may fail to trip which can lead to someone being shocked. In severe cases of electrical panel malfunction, a breaker may fail to trip and result in an electrical fire or melted, burnt wires from overheating.
  • It’s essential to inspect your electrical panel for proper function, especially if it is over 25 years old. There are several signs to look for when trying to determine whether your electrical panel needs to be updated, such as:

    • Crackling noises
    • Rust and corrosion on the circuit breakers
    • The inside of the electrical panel is warm or hot
    • Appliances are not performing with full power
    • Outlets surrounding water sources, such as the bathtub, dishwasher, or sinks are not GFCIs
    • You need to use extension cords
    • Your home has a 60-amp electrical service.
    • Your home has a 100-amp electrical service but cannot operate certain appliances.
    • Your home has a fuse block or split-bus panel, without a main breaker.
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Insufficient Electrical Panels

If your home’s electrical panel is over 25 years old, it may be equipped with a faulty electrical panel that is known to cause safety risks. Here are some of the electrical panels you should look out for to have them upgraded before they become a problem:

  • Federal Pacific Electric (FPE) Electrical Panel: These are deemed by the U.S Consumer Product Safety Commission as having a safety defect that causes fires and shocks.
  • Zinsco Electrical Panel: These panels have a safety defect that enables power to circulate even if the breakers are shut off. Furthermore, they are known to cause melting breakers and have a higher risk of fire and shock.
  • Pushmatic Electrical Panel: These panels have weak switches that become difficult to reset. They also do not include a main breaker switch.
  • Fuse Boxes: Fuse boxes are the most dated type of electrical panel, offering only 30-60-amps. They are no longer manufactured as they are a significant safety risk, prone to causing fires and electrocution.

If you identify any of the above electrical panels or a fuse box in your home, it’s crucial to contact Mr. Electric of Omaha to have a modern, fully functional, and safe electrical panel installed immediately.

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