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Electricity is a vital resource in your home, and it’s controlled by your circuit breakers. Circuit breakers have a robust electrical capacity to accommodate electrical devices such as computers, appliances, and more. When your circuit breaker panel is not updated, it may struggle to perform efficiently and meet your demands. For this reason, Mr. Electric of Omaha offers circuit breaker replacement in Omaha, Bennington, Boys Town, Douglas County, Ralston, Bellevue, and Green Meadows, NE. Reach out today to discuss circuit breaker replacement costs in your area.

Mr. Electric electrician working on a circuit breaker

Signs of an Overloaded Circuit Breaker

It is common for homes to continue to operate relying on dated circuit breakers. If you are experiencing signs of a circuit breaker overload, it’s time to call the service professionals at Mr. Electric of Omaha for a circuit breaker replacement. When these units begin to give out, there are several signs to watch out for, including:

  • The circuit breaker trips easily
  • The circuit breaker does not trip when it should
  • The circuit breaker is hot to the touch
  • The circuit breaker smells or looks burnt

Reasons to Replace Circuit Breaker Switches

While overloaded circuits are an issue, they are not the sole reason a homeowner may need to replace their circuit breakers. It’s inevitable that after consistent years of usage, circuit breakers eventually deteriorate and there is no way to repair them, leaving circuit breaker replacement as the only viable solution. Homes with Federal Pacific Electric (FPE), Zinsco electrical panels, or old fuse boxes are at a higher risk of electrical shock or fire. Mr. Electric of Omaha is here to replace your circuit and amplify the safety and performance of your home’s electrical systems. Give us a call today for more information on our cost to replace a circuit breaker panel or circuit breaker fuse replacement.

The Advantages of Replacing Your Circuit Breaker

Circuit breaker replacement services offer an array of benefits, boosting your home’s electrical function and safety. Additional benefits of replacement services include:

  • Protects your electronics, such as computers or appliances in face of electrical surges that may compromise your devices
  • Combats potential data loss due to interrupted electrical supply
  • Minimizes interruptions to your internet connection
  • Minimizes the risk of electrical fires due to overloading
  • Access more electrical devices without the fear of tripping the circuit breaker

The Importance of Professional Circuit Breaker Installation

Safety is the main concern when navigating any electrical service, including circuit breaker installation. The electrical supply that flows through your electrical panel is potent and can cause a fatal electric shock if you don't know how to replace a circuit breaker or if it is mishandled during installation. This service must only be performed by a qualified expert who understands the hazards and how to avoid accidents. Improper installation of a new circuit breaker can lead to other hazards, such as:

  • Higher risk of electrical fires
  • Property loss due to electrical fires
  • Insufficient code compliance that does not meet safety or insurance standards

Trusted Circuit Breaker Installation Services

Mr. Electric of Omaha is the leading company to perform your circuit breaker installation service. With a team of skilled, licensed electricians and years of experience in the industry, we can provide quality circuit breaker installation that promotes safety and satisfaction. Our services provide your home with the power to easily fuel your everyday life without the worry of circuit overloading or other electrical hazards. Additionally, our circuit breaker installation includes a comprehensive inspection of your home’s electrical system for additional protection and security.

Complimentary Residential Electrical Safety Inspections

At Mr. Electric of Omaha, we are in the business of providing our customers with peace of mind, and part of that mission includes offering complimentary residential electrical inspections that ensure your home’s electrical components are functioning properly. Our service professionals will assess your home’s wiring and electrical systems to ensure they are effective and safe, while also offering valuable recommendations and advice about energy efficient lighting alternatives, surge protection, and more.

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If you’re faced with a power issue or are interested in enhancing the electrical performance of your home in Omaha, NE, Mr. Electric of Omaha is here to make it happen with our circuit breaker installation services. Contact our knowledgeable experts today to schedule your circuit breaker replacement and request your service estimate.