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Electrical Code Updates and Corrections in Omaha, NE

Residential and Commercial Electrical Code Updates

Electrical hazards are responsible for a significant number of residential and commercial fires and accidents. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), electrical wiring issues result in 30,000 home fires, 200 deaths, approximately 1,000 injuries, and $600 million in property damage annually. Furthermore, the Electrical Safety Foundation International (ESFI), has noted that insufficient wiring is responsible for 20% of electrocutions each year. In many of these cases, non-compliance with electrical codes and regulations is the culprit. That’s why Mr. Electric of Omaha offers our expertise to help home and business owners bring their electrical systems up to date. We provide electrical code updates and corrections to customers in Omaha, Bennington, Boys Town, Douglas County, Ralston, Bellevue, and Green Meadows, NE.

Electrical Code Updates and Corrections in Omaha, NE

Residential and Commercial Electrical Code Updates

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  • The National Electrical Code (NEC) oversees mandating and standardizing the codes for safe electrical wiring and installation practices. The codes put in place encompass the safe electrical design, installation, and inspection of each system to ensure protection for the people and property that have exposure to these potentially hazardous electrical components. The original publication of the NEC was in 1897, and it has been updated every three years in an effort to minimize accidents and reduce fire hazards associated with the use of electricity. The most recent publication was in 2020.
  • Safe electrical practices and electrical codes are constantly evolving to meet higher safety standards. What was deemed safe last year may be different today. Therefore, it’s imperative to stay informed regarding the latest in electrical codes to avoid the detrimental hazards of improper electrical usage and protect your life, family, and property.
  • As electrical codes change frequently, it’s essential to rely on the expertise of knowledgeable service professionals to help you maintain your home’s electrical compliance. The experts at Mr. Electric of Omaha offer thorough inspections that identify dated wiring and other electrical violations to ensure your home is protected and up to date. Our service professionals are well-versed in electrical code compliance, and you can count on them to:

    • Inspect your home to ensure it meets the latest coding requirements for wiring, equipment, installation, and more.
    • Inspect a potential new home to ensure you are making a sound and safe investment.
    • Prevent the delayed sale of your current home due to electrical code inefficiencies.
    • Minimize the risk of injury, loss of life, and potential liability.
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Notable 2020 Electrical Code Updates

The National Electric Code (NEC), the nation’s code for electrical installation, updates electrical codes every three years. These updates enhance the protection of people and property when dealing with electrical hazards in your home or business. Here are 10 notable electrical code updates included in the 2020 NEC electrical code:

  • To promote the safety of emergency responders in the event of an emergency, it is mandatory to have exterior power disconnect switches in all newly built residences.
  • To encourage the safety of electrical workers, alterations to service disconnect regulations regarding de-energizing panel boards have been modified.
  • Load calculation tables have been altered to accommodate modern energy-efficient technologies, including the rise in LED usage.
  • A general requirement has been included to cover exposed cables on walls and ceilings.
  • All 125- and 250-volt receptacles supplied by a single-phase circuit of 150 volts or less, including basement receptacles placed in an unfinished basement, are required to be equipped with GFCI protection.
  • A new regulation has been implemented concerning modern Ethernet cables that transmit electrical power and data simultaneously.
  • As solar energy storage technologies evolve, the requirements for solar-generated energy storage are continuously revised, including the Tesla Powerwall home battery.
  • Requirements regarding surge protection have been modified to increase the protection of sensitive safety equipment, including hard-wired smoke detectors.
  • A new addition in the code depicts how homeowners are permitted to transfer power from their electric vehicle batteries to their wiring.

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