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Home Generator Installation in Metairie, LA

Generate Peace of Mind With a Quick Install

Emergency preparedness is vital to keeping your family safe when the unexpected happens. In addition to having nonperishable food and water stocked away, you should always have a backup generator ready if you find yourself without power. Intense storms and other uncontrollable circumstances can knock out the power and leave you in the dark without a properly working refrigerator, air conditioner, or charger. Fortunately, you can minimize the impacts of a power outage with a generator. At Mr. Electric of North Shore and Metairie, we're skilled at home generator installation and maintenance, and we'd be glad to discuss setting you up with a brand-new unit. Our customers in Metairie, Covington, and Madisonville, LA enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have a backup ready when the power goes out.

Home Generator Installation in Metairie, LA

Generate Peace of Mind With a Quick Install

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  • Generators use fuel, such as gasoline or natural gas, to create electrical power via a heavy-duty recharging battery. When the power goes out, the generator will kick on and ensure your refrigerator, freezer, sump pump, furnace, stove, lights, and air conditioning stay functional. Investing in residential home generator installation now will save you trouble in all of these situations:

    • Blackouts—Louisiana's extreme temperatures can affect the power grid. In the most severe cases, conditions can make it impossible for the power grid to meet energy demands.
    • Inclement Weather—All kinds of weather can impact power lines. Lighting, tornadoes, hurricanes, and heavy winds can all knock out the power for days.
    • Damage from Animals—Damage from animals is the second leading cause of power loss, behind inclement weather.
    • Natural Disasters—Louisiana's climate produces natural disasters such as hurricanes and floods that often cause widespread power outages.
    • Car Accidents—A car accident down the street can damage local power lines can cause interruptions in service. Make sure you're prepared with a generator.
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Types of Home Generators

The home generator installation cost will depend on the type of generator you choose. There are pros and cons to each type, and it's important to talk to an expert about your needs. At Mr. Electric of North Shore and Metairie, we most often recommend these kinds of generator:

Portable Home Generators

This type of generator is a good choice if you only need to power a few appliances temporarily. They have a manual start and must be connected to the appliances you'd like to power. Portable generators are quite inexpensive, running at only around $1,500. However, they pose an increased risk of carbon monoxide poisoning if used in an improper location in your home.

Home Standby Generators

Home standby generators are your best bet if you want the power automatically restored during an interruption. These generators use natural gas or propane to switch on as soon as a power outage is detected. Homeowners with standby generators enjoy increased peace of mind that their appliances will continue to work while the power is down. But that convenience comes at a price—these generators can run up to $15,000.

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