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Electrical Outlet Installation in Houston Midtown, TX

Let Us Install New Electrical Outlets in Your Home

You may have older outlets at your home or business, or they’re unable to support your power needs to run your appliances and electronics. Heavy-duty appliances like ovens, washers, and dryers require special outlets to operate, and areas around your property with high moisture can be dangerous for your family and house without proper outlets. Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown will gladly keep your staff or family safe and ensure your home or building stays up to code with our electrical outlet installation services for Houston Midtown, West University, and Bellaire, TX properties. GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) outlets are inexpensive and a prime safety solution to protect your devices and loved ones or employees against electrical shock. Our team can install GFCI outlets to safely power your electronics and prevent family members from risking electrocution whenever they connect electronic devices to your electrical system. In many cases, these outlets are also required to keep your house or building up to the latest building code standards. We’ll gladly schedule a time for our highly trained and licensed electricians to perform GFCI installation and replacements.
Electrical Outlet Installation in Houston Midtown, TX

Let Us Install New Electrical Outlets in Your Home

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  • Modern building codes require installing GFCI outlets in commercial and residential structures in areas posing the greatest electrical shock risk, including garages, bathrooms, and kitchens. You can identify a GFCI outlet by the “Test” and “Reset” buttons on its receptacle. Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown urges property owners to invest in GFCI outlets to ensure their houses and buildings stay up to code and improve their electrical safety to prevent shocks, fires, injuries, and further damage. These essential outlets monitor the electricity flowing through your circuit to safeguard you and your electronic devices against electrical hazards. The GFCI immediately cuts power to your outlet if it detects an electricity flow imbalance. Our talented technicians’ honed skills and years of expertise let them carefully install these outlets with quick and thorough work. This expertise and skill set ensures you have adequate protection against harm and damage.

  • After Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown finishes installing your electrical outlets, you’ll find that using your new outlets is fairly simple. If we install a new GFCI outlet at your property, you’ll notice there aren’t many differences between using a GFCI outlet and any standard electrical outlet. If your GFCI power outlet cuts power flow while operating normally and in regular conditions, all you need to do is press the "Reset" button to restore power to it. These outlets are substantially more dependable than leaving it up to your electrical panel’s circuit breaker to detect an electricity imbalance and cut the current flow to your electrical system. GFCI outlets are much more sensitive to minor current variations and react as soon as they detect them. In fact, manufacturers design GFCI outlets to shut off power flow before an electric shock can impact your heartbeat if one happens. This vital safety function ensures you get adequate protection for your life and well-being. With that said, you must test all your home's GFCI outlets every month to verify they function properly.

  • Testing your GFCI outlet performance is simple, and any person can complete it. However, similar to any other service regarding your electrical system, you must complete all steps carefully and never perge from the proper steps or professional instructions. Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown’s highly trained and seasoned electrical technicians can explain the process during a scheduled appointment at your home or over the phone. We’ve outlined the following simple steps below for you to test your GFCI outlet and check its performance. You’re always welcome to contact us to schedule GFCI replacement services if your outlet fails any of the steps while testing it:

    1. Stop the electrical flow by pressing the “Test” button on your receptacle.
    2. Plug in a night light or another small electrical device requiring minimal power to operate to verify your receptacle has no current flowing through it.
    3. You can press the “Reset” button to restore your outlet’s power flow.
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Areas Around Your Home Requiring GFCI Outlets

Since 1971, building codes for houses and other residential structures have stipulated installing GFCI outlets. These codes initially mandated installing GFCI outlets at homes for swimming pool equipment and on outside walls surrounding a swimming pool. Today, the latest building codes require GFCI outlets in many areas inside your home and in outdoor spaces, particular where possible water exposure and other factors make electrical shock risk higher. According to current building codes, you must install GFCI outlets in the following areas: 

  • Spa and pool areas (since 1971) 
  • Your home’s exterior (since 1973) 
  • Bathrooms (since 1975) 
  • Kitchen countertops (since 1987) 
  • Crawlspaces and unfinished basements (since 1990) 
  • Wet bars (since 1993) 
  • Laundry and utility sinks (since 2005) 
  • Mr. Electric of Houston Midtown covers GFCI outlet installation as one item on our list of comprehensive electrical services for households in communities like Houston Midtown, Bellaire, and West University. However, GFCI outlets do have limitations you must be aware of for your safety. We advise you never to connect a refrigerator or freezer to a GFCI outlet. These appliances generate electromagnetic interference that can immediately trip these outlets and cut power flow. Additionally, GFCI outlets should not be a power source for most stoves and dryers because these heavy-duty appliances require 240-amp power outlets. Many small appliances like hair dryers, toaster ovens, and irons have heating elements that can trip GFCI outlets and stop power flow. Finally, a GFCI outlet will trip when you connect an extension cord and plug in too many electrical or electronic or electrical devices.

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