Whole-House Ventilation and Fans in Hillsoboro, OR

As we approach the hot summer months, start thinking about ways to keep your house cooler. A great alternative to an air conditioner that is cheaper to operate and amounts to significant savings overall is a Whole House Fan. We highly recommend Tamarack Technologies as a high-quality whole-house fan for your home!


  • Lower electricity bill
  • Better air quality inside your home
  • Moisture control & quick odor venting
  • Extends the life of your home due to good ventilation

How it works:

During the summer, hot air becomes trapped inside your house, keeping your home hot and stuffy, even when it cools down at night outside. Tamarack Whole House Fans bring in the cool air, allowing you to shut off your air conditioning; a Tamarack whole-house fan uses up to 90 percent less energy than an air conditioner. These fans are maintenance free, highly insulated and all have self-sealing doors. Best of all, they are Made in the U.S.A.!

Whole House Fan vs. Attic Fan: What’s the Difference?

A whole house fan is typically installed in a home’s ceiling, designed to pull hot air up into the attic space. This forces the air out through the attic vents, while also causing a flow of cool air to be drawn into the open windows of the house. Whole house fans are run in the evening, night and morning drawing in cool, fresh are and forcing the hot air out of the home.

An attic fan, on the other hand, is installed at the roof or gable of a house, and specifically exhausts hot air. These require additional roof vents to allow fresh air to enter as the hot air is removed. They operate during the day removing built-up heat, and ventilate only the attic space.

At Mr. Electric of Hillsboro, we understand that electrical installation work performed incorrectly can be dangerous, so we encourage you to leave the difficult jobs for us. Our technicians are dedicated to exceeding the expectations of clients, so they work in a meticulous manner and will treat your property with respect. Mr. Electric's trained service professionals will help you to select right whole-house fan considering all the available options: fan size, speed, and controls. We will take all the necessary measures to ensure that your fan is installed and operating properly and our shop warranties all of our work.

Our licensed experts are fully bonded and insured for your safety, and we only use premium materials so that we can take pride in our results, which is why we recommend Tamarack Technologies as a premium Whole House fan supplier.

Mr. Electric of Hillsboro is committed to performing high-quality work. We're available to take on any electrical installation job in the Hillsboro area, and customers count on us for highly professional service from start to finish. To learn more, contact our office today. We have the power to make things better.