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Whole-Home Backup Generators

Do you experience loss of power due to storms or bad weather? Are you worried about the power going out, and not having your home set up to handle those occurrences? We at Mr. Electric of Hillsboro supply homes with home backup generators to take care of you when the power goes out. A permanently installed home backup generator protects your home in these situations, giving power automatically when you would normally have none. It uses propane or natural gas and delivers power directly to your home’s electrical system, backing up your entire home or just the most important items.

Whole-Home Backup Generators
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  • When the power outage occurs, a home backup generator senses the power outage, turns on automatically through the automatic transfer switch, which does literally that - automatically transfers to kick the generator on and deliver backup power to your home until the utility power returns. It can run as long as the power remains out, whether that is two hours or two weeks.

  • 16 KW Guardian GeneratorAs an authorized dealer and installer, Mr. Electric of Hillsboro currently sells and install Generac generators, the #1 Brand of home standby generators.

    1. Guardian 18KW Home Backup Generator
    2. Guardian 24KW Home Backup Generator
    3. Guardian 26kw Whole Home Generator
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Utility Power Stops

Did a storm hit?

Maybe the transformer in your neighborhood blew?

Either way, you’ve lost your electricity suddenly…

Utility Power Stops
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Your Generator Senses the Outage

As soon as the power stops, your generator senses the outage, and is preparing to kick on to restore power to your home.

Your Generator Senses the Outage
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The Generator Turns On - Automatically!

You don't have to be home, you don’t have to manually flip a switch, the generator starts within a few seconds, and is bringing electricity to your home.

The Generator Turns On - Automatically!
Two Generac Generator switch panels.

Your Electricity is Back

The power runs from the generator to your home through the automatic transfer switch. It will keep going until the power returns, and you may not even notice the change.

Your Electricity is Back
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White-Glove Approach: What to Expect from Mr. Electric of Hillsboro

Generator installations are big projects, and you shouldn’t be alone in this journey! From information on gas lines and tanks, to pouring solid cement foundations, to placement of the generator, and all of the communication that is needed to coordinate all the various parts of a generator installation, we are there with you all the way! From first quote to the end of the project, Mr. Electric of Hillsboro's generator Concierge team will take you through all of it’s steps so you don’t have to worry about the major details.

We always treat your home as if it is our own. When you call for your home backup generator quote, you will receive a visit by our highly-trained Generator Specialist. They will come to your home and walk with you through your project to gain a full understanding of the scope of what you are looking to power.

During that COMPLIMENTARY site visit and assessment, they will discuss your backup power requirements, and recommend the right size of home standby generator that fits your needs. They will explain the installation process and help you choose where your generator placement should be on your property.

Along with an exact, upfront quote, they can also provide you with payment plan options.

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