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Home Generator Install & Maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX

Uninterrupted Power with Expert Home Generator Installation Services

When the lights go out, it's crucial to have a home generator to provide uninterrupted electricity. Unforeseen circumstances and inclement weather can leave your home without power. Mr. Electric of Grand Prairie offers top-notch professional installation services for home generators in Grand Prairie, TX. Our highly skilled service professionals have a deep understanding of generator installation and maintenance to ensure your home never plunges into darkness. Quick restoration is key because we can never predict how long the power outage will last. Reach out to us today for a personalized estimate on our exceptional generator installation services.

Home Generator Install & Maintenance in Grand Prairie, TX

Uninterrupted Power with Expert Home Generator Installation Services

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  • A residential generator utilizes gasoline or natural gas and captures the power of a robust recharging battery to generate electrical power. The generator rapidly springs into action when a power outage occurs, ensuring a continuous energy supply during power failures. Installing a backup generator for your home is an optimal solution for various situations like:

    • Unfavorable weather conditions often result in power failures, leaving residences without electricity for prolonged periods.
    • Extreme temperatures can trigger blackouts, underscoring the importance of having a generator that can keep your home powered during such circumstances.
    • Pests can wreak havoc on your electrical wiring or disrupt the power supply in your area.
    • Disruptions in service may occur due to car accidents causing damage to local power lines.
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Home Generator Types

Multiple types of generators help keep your home in power. We can install the following types of generators: 

Portable Home Generators 

A portable generator is a movable unit that supplies temporary electrical power. Its design allows for easy transportation, making it an ideal choice for providing electricity in remote locations or during power outages. The generation of power in this unit relies on a gas-powered engine. This engine turns an on-board alternator to generate electrical power. For operation, the user can connect electrical appliances or tools directly to the generator's sockets or, in some cases, the generator can be wired into the sub-panel of a home.

Standby Generators  

A standby generator refers to an electrical system that operates automatically. Upon sensing a loss of power from the main source, it switches on within seconds. This generator ensures a continuous power supply to the connected systems or devices, thus providing uninterrupted operation even during a power outage. Once the main power source is restored, the standby generator automatically switches off and returns to standby mode, ready for the next power interruption. Standby generators are commonly used in critical facilities such as hospitals, data centers, and homes where a consistent power supply is necessary.

  • Our team of experts is skilled in enhancing the performance of your generator when it experiences operational issues. Look out for the following indications that your generator might require repair services:

    • Difficulty initiating the generator
    • Generator leakage
    • Sluggish power distribution
    • Diagnostic light displaying red or yellow
    • Problems with battery charging

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