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Exhaust Fan Installation Services

Exhaust fans rarely get the recognition they deserve. A quality exhaust fan can make any room healthier and more comfortable and provide the ventilation needed to prevent mold growth, mildew, and foul odors.

If you don't have an exhaust fan in the overly humid or odorous parts of your home, or if your existing fans aren't getting the job done, call Mr. Electric®. You'll get professional exhaust fan installation service and a free home electrical inspection from licensed service professionals.

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Exhaust Fan Installation Services
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  • Proper venting improves a home's indoor air quality and protects against mold and mildew. It can also help you avoid foul odors and prevent the activation of your smoke alarm when cooking.

    With exhaust fan installation, you can:

    • Improve your indoor air quality and enhance your family's comfort. Your new exhaust fans will remove cooking smells, smoke, and bathroom fumes and vent away excess humidity from baths and showers, resulting in less mold and mildew cleanup.
    • Improve cleaning convenience by venting airborne grease and cooking particles out of your kitchen.
    • Make odor control easier with quick ventilation of offensive fumes.
    • Prevent damage to walls, wallpaper, paint, wood floors, and furniture, all of which can be damaged by excess moisture in the air.
    • Reduce the presence of smoke in your home when cooking.
  • Precise electrical wiring and venting are essential for proper exhaust fan installation. Most DIYers will have trouble executing these tasks correctly. Therefore, an experienced professional installer is the best person for the job.

  • When not properly vented to the outdoors, exhaust fans send the moisture and fumes to another area of the home, which causes mold growth and lowers air quality. Failing to seal the vent pipe correctly can lead to water damage to your roof or wall. Or, you may need a larger or more powerful exhaust fan replacement and end up buying the wrong unit to install.

    A licensed service professional from Mr. Electric can guide you to the right product for your needs and perform your exhaust fan installation correctly the first time.

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Which Rooms in My Home Should Have an Exhaust Fan?

Because ventilation fans help remove odors, humidity, and fumes from your home, it's important to install them in rooms where those offenders are present. Here are several locations where we recommend exhaust fan installation:

Bathroom Exhaust Fan Installation

Bathroom exhaust fans remove moisture and odors from the bathroom, eliminating foggy mirrors and excess heat. Venting moisture out of a bathroom inhibits mold growth and can prevent peeling paint or wallpaper.

Kitchen Exhaust Fan Installation

Kitchen exhaust fans dissipate cooking smells, grease, smoke, natural gas fumes, and heat from the kitchen's air. Using a kitchen exhaust fan may also mean running the air conditioning less. For best results, choose a vented kitchen fan over an unvented fan. Remember that a kitchen exhaust fan can still benefit you even if you already have a vent hood for your stove.

Garage Exhaust Fan Installation

Garage exhaust fans clear out unhealthy, dangerous fumes from car exhaust, lawnmowers, stored gasoline, tires, and chemicals. Running an exhaust fan in the garage will also help the space feel cooler in the summer.

Attic Exhaust Fan Installation

Attic exhaust fans prevent attics from becoming stuffy or too hot. Running an exhaust fan in the attic also protects stored items from mold and prevents wood rot on floors and furniture.

Exhaust Fan Installation and Replacement FAQs

  • Yes, a professional is needed to install a bathroom exhaust fan. A service professional should install any exhaust fan, no matter where it’s located.

    It's particularly important to rely on professionals when installing a bathroom exhaust fan. Because of the high moisture levels in the typical bathroom, the wiring must be installed perfectly to avoid short circuits and water intrusion.

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