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A Recipe for Consistent Energy Savings

Looking to stabilize your energy bill and maximize savings? Dependent upon your choices, your energy bill could vary greatly from month to month. With a few smart changes, however, you can conserve energy – and the funds in your bank account!

Consistent energy savings - month after month.

Do you break out in a cold sweat every time you crack open your energy bill? Will it be reasonable this month, or another whopper? In order to conserve energy, you’ll need to create an energy savings plan that will yield dependable results - a stable energy bill whose peaks and valleys won’t shock you.

Long term, consistent energy savings begins with an investment in reliable, quality features:

Money on top of electric bill.
  • Smart Thermostat

    Your home’s largest energy user is air conditioning, making a smart thermostat a wise investment of your energy savings dollars. A programmable thermostat could save you 10 percent per year on energy costs according to the Department of Energy (DOE). And smart models make it super-easy to conserve energy, allowing for the control and monitoring of temperatures on-site or remotely via most mobile devices. Are you wasting your hard-earned dollars cooling an empty home?

  • Ceiling Fans

    Using ceiling fans further cuts down on your use of energy-hogging AC, helping you conserve energy with the help of the wind chill effect. Properly installed and used, ceiling fans can keep you and your family comfortable enough to lower your thermostat temperature by 4-7 degrees F, saving you up to 30 percent on cooling costs. And it pays to go top-shelf! ENERGY STAR models are 50 percent more efficient than standard ceiling fan models, with a 30-year motor warranty, offering superior long-term savings.

  • Attic Accoutrements

    A properly outfitted attic is also essential to consistently conserve energy in your home. Adequate attic ventilation, along with proper levels of insulation, is critical in controlling temperature and moisture levels in your home. Passive ventilation falling short? Whole house fans are a great addition to existing venting if you need a little extra boost.

  • Lighting

    Is your lighting from the dark ages? Upgrading your light fixtures to more efficient lighting solutions such as LED and CFL bulbs offers significant savings over ancient incandescents. What’s the investment in technology worth to you? CFLs and LEDs use 75-85 percent less energy and last 10-25 times as long as incandescents. How many times do you want to change a light bulb?

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