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The Electrician of Choice for Dallas

Mr. Electric of Dallas has the power to make things better! Our general electricians are not only licensed and screened, they are trained to provide world-class customer service you deserve. As a franchise of local electrical contractors in the Dallas-Fort Worth metroplex, we can take care of any home or light commercial electrical repairs, electrical system upgrades, or electrical fixture installations. 

Professional Electrical Service

We take pride in our workmanship at Mr. Electric, and we want to you be proud to recommend our services to your family and friends. That starts with trust, and you can trust our professional electricians at Mr. Electric because they have passed thorough background checks and license registrations. For this reason, we care about doing the work right the first time over and above your expectations. Our professional electricians also will explain to you what work they will do and how much it will cost before they start work. If the estimate changes to provide you the best quality service, you’ll be the first to know.

Courteous, World-Class Customer Care

Mr. Electric knows that customer care means more than looking sharp in our uniforms and clean vans, although that is important. Real customer care means making sure all of your questions are answered and concerns are addressed. It means that your electrician will arrive on time and finish on time, barring any unforeseen circumstances of course. And it means that you can call us anytime you need a local emergency electrician, 24/7/365, in the Dallas metro area including Carrollton, Coppell, Farmers Branch, Irving and University Park.

Quality Electrical Products

When you need electrical installations by a local electrician, the experts at Mr. Electric can handle any lighting fixture or appliance for single-family homes, multi-family apartments and condos, or retail businesses. The most frequent electrical installations and upgrades include:

  • Interior Lighting: track lights, recessed lights, focused spotlights, dimmers
  • Ceiling Fans and Lights: speed controls, dimmers, timers
  • Home Theater/Office: mounting and wiring digital projectors and HDTVs, specialty lighting, controls, outlets, backup power
  • Dedicated Circuits / Electrical Panels: hot tubs, outdoor living, home offices, HVAC systems, major appliances
  • Specialty Outlets: USB compatible outlets, GFCI outlets, child-resistant outlets
  • Mitigation: whole home surge protection, stand-by power generators
  • Exterior Security: flood lights, motion detection, sensors, cameras
  • Outdoor Living: landscape lighting, deck/patio lights, fans, GFCI circuits

Electrical System Inspections and Renovations

Mr. Electric of Dallas can perform home electrical system inspections free of charge if you are going to renovate a house, purchase a house or make major home improvements. Your safety is our top priority, so don’t trust the local handyman to know the building codes and regulations. Our licensed general electricians are familiar with both residential and commercial electrical rules and best practices.

For example, if your house is more than 25 years old, the electrical panels, circuits and outlets might not only be out of date, they might be defective and subject to recalls. These fire hazards should be replaced immediately, not repaired. Mr. Electric can help you determine what electrical components are best for your home. We even can help you save money in the future with ideas for saving energy with lighting and appliance upgrades.

Call Mr. Electric immediately if your home has frequent power surges, flickering lights or tripped electrical panel breaker switches. Don’t attempt to solve these problems yourself – electricity is dangerous! Trust the professional general electricians at Mr. Electric. We have the power to make things better!

Electrical Improvements


Mr. Electric offers high quality products to help you save on energy costs. Our electricians have the experience and training to install them correctly the first time. Lighting fixtures, ceiling fans, wall outlets, solar panels and security systems depend on good wiring and distribution systems. If a safety issue is found, Mr. Electric can upgrade the electrical system or install a complete retrofit of circuits and electrical panels. 

Specialty Lighting


Mr. Electric installs and upgrades lighting fixtures inside and outside the home or business. The perfect lighting sets the tone for a room, from track lights to spotlights to recessed lights. Control lighting with dimmer switches and motion detectors. Exterior spot lights and landscape lights illuminate dark areas, play spaces, paths, stairs, pool decks and patios. You can even integrate your seasonal holiday lights into both exterior and interior lighting systems with dedicated circuits and outlets with timers.

Safety and Security

Electrical Safety

Don’t take chances with your safety by making electrical repairs yourself or hiring a handyman. Call the licensed electricians at Mr. Electric, who follow local building codes and have experience with both residential and commercial electrical systems. Keep your family safe by upgrading electrical panels, adding power surge protection, installing GFCI outlets and child-resistant outlets, and expanding dedicated circuits for major appliances. You can trust the experts at Mr. Electric of Dallas.

Picture of a generator outside a building

Stand-by Power Generator Installation

Tornadoes, ice storms, flash floods, downed power lines and blown transformers cause power outages all the time in the Dallas area and across North Texas. If you have a home office or theater, or if you just want to keep your air conditioning and heating on and food preserved, then you will want a home stand-by power generator. The professional electricians at Mr. Electric can determine how much power your home will need and install the right generator to give you plenty of power. We are so confident in our work that we’ll contract for an independent, third-party inspector to make sure we followed all building regulations. You can count on Mr. Electric to keep your home safe in the storms.

Home Surge Protection

Protect major appliances and sensitive electronic devices with whole home surge protection that is hard wired into the main electrical line. Mr. Electric offers power estimate inspections to determine the right surge protection level for your home or business. Power surges happen more often than you might think – not only when a lightning storm rolls through. With surge protection, you won’t have to worry about daily power fluctuations damaging your valuable electronics.