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Chandelier Installation Service

Few things say luxury like a chandelier. These gorgeous lighting fixtures can add ambiance, personality, and functionality to a room, but they’re often a pain to install. If you’ve recently purchased a chandelier, or have found the perfect place to put one in your home, don’t get hung up trying to hang your fragile purchase. Call on Mr. Electric’s chandelier installation services to get your chandelier set up perfectly without any hassle.

Let Mr. Electric® Install Your Chandelier!

Anyone who has installed a chandelier on their own can tell you how tough it is. Often, you’ll have to cut a hole in your ceiling, find a way to wire the chandelier itself, and then manage to hang it without dropping it. Add to that the risks that come with working on a ladder, and you’ve got a DIY project that you probably shouldn’t DIY.

Thankfully, the expert electricians at Mr. Electric can install your chandelier and save you trouble. We can position your fixture and run the wires where they need to go, and we have the training needed to perform the work safely.

Best of all, the quality of our work is guaranteed. So no matter how complex your new light fixture is, or how much work it takes to hang, our expert chandelier installers will get the job done to your satisfaction.

Choosing the Right Chandelier for Your Home

If you’ve just started looking for chandeliers, you may have found yourself overwhelmed with the options. Because chandeliers have been around for centuries, there are countless different styles, each fitting a different type of room or home. Fortunately, we know lighting! If you’re overwhelmed, we can even help you narrow down the options so you can pick the right chandelier to install in your home.

Candle Style

One of the oldest types of chandeliers, the candle style dates back to before the advent of electricity! Modern candle-style chandeliers aim to imitate the original, analog version of the chandelier with bulbs that sit atop long sticks like candles. This style is great for cultivating an antique appearance in your home.


When most people think of chandeliers, they tend to picture a crystal chandelier. These lighting fixtures can contain dozens or hundreds of individual pendeloques (cut crystals), beads, and strings to create a stunning and luxurious appearance. Of all the different styles, we most strongly recommend professional chandelier installation for this one, as crystal chandeliers tend to be more fragile and heavier than other types.


Drum chandeliers are a great way to illuminate a room without turning the lighting element into the focal point of the area. This style tends to be more minimalist, and looks a bit like a floor lamp hung upside down from the ceiling. It’s an excellent choice for anyone who loves mid-century modern style décor.


A modern interpretation of a chandelier, globe style fixtures typically contain several globe-shaped bulbs or shades that are affixed to the ends of metal arms. These chandeliers come in a huge variety of forms, with some containing as few as one bulb. In terms of style, they do tend to lean toward modern and industrial décor.

Wagon Wheel

Looking for the perfect lighting fixture for your farmhouse-style home? Look no further. The wagon wheel chandelier combines the historic look of a candle-style fixture with the rustic appeal of the old west. These chandeliers typically consist of a single large ring with several bulbs sitting on top of it. They may also be spoked and, in some cases, made out of actual wagon wheels.


Want to impress your guests with the height of modernity? A geometric-style chandelier may be exactly what you need. These chandeliers usually have several bulbs in the center that are caged by an array of cubes and other geometric shapes. Because the lighting sits behind the decorative elements, the lights often cast eye-catching shadows across the entire room.


The lantern chandelier looks, predictably, like a lantern. Modern versions of this style tend to look like a minimalist version of the geometric chandelier, while more classic editions evoke a mysterious gothic feeling or a luxurious Victorian appearance.


The empire chandelier is a subset of the crystal chandelier that marries vibrant metal rings with stunning beads of crystal. The gold rings draw the eye to the main light fixture while the crystal elements allow gorgeous, colorful reflections to dance across the room.


Take your décor into the space age with the Sputnik chandelier. Like its cosmonautical namesake, these chandeliers feature a central sphere with bulbed antennae shooting out in all directions. It’s the perfect companion for a room where the décor really needs to stand out.

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