Ceiling Fan Repair Services

Ceiling fans are one of those household devices we take for granted – until they stop working. Ceiling fan repairs are a good alternative to replacing the whole fan. Many components of ceiling fans can be fixed quickly and affordably. If you still like your fan but it’s just not working right, contact your local repair service for assistance.

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Examples of Ceiling Fan Repairs

If you’re not sure what is wrong with your ceiling fan, it can be hard to determine whether a repair or replacement is most appropriate. Here are a few ceiling fan problems Mr. Electric will diagnose and fix for you:

  • Ceiling fan motor replacement
  • Ceiling fan pull chain replacement
  • Ceiling fan wiring replacement
  • Ceiling fan switch replacement
  • Reprogramming ceiling fan remote control

Benefits of Ceiling Fan Repairs

Scheduling ceiling fan repairs can deliver several quick benefits to your family and your household budget. Here are just a few of the best benefits that come with ceiling fan repairs:

  • Increased comfort. Ceiling fans create a nice breeze that can help your family stay cool and comfortable on hot days.
  • Improved energy efficiency. When you get a nice breeze going, you can turn up your thermostat several degrees and save a bundle on summertime cooling bills.
  • Money savings. Getting your ceiling fan repaired is probably more affordable than replacing it, especially if your fan is a high-end model.
  • Maintaining your home’s décor. If your ceiling fan still coordinates with the room’s decorating scheme, then why get rid of it? A quick repair could keep your stylish fan going for many more years.

When to Replace a Ceiling Fan

Some ceiling fan problems can’t be fixed or are not worth the time and hassle. Here are a few instances when a new ceiling fan installation may be your best course of action:

  • The motor hums but the blades won’t turn. The buzzing might be resistance within the motor as it tries but fails to turn the fan blades. This could cause the motor to overheat, creating a fire hazard.
  • The fan is distractingly loud. Old ceiling fans were naturally noisy. New fans are made to be whisper-quiet. A new fan will be much more soothing, offering a more pleasant and comfortable space in your home.
  • One or more fan blades are broken. Finding replacement fan blades that match the existing ones is pretty much impossible. Just replace the whole fan.
  • The fan is old, and it’s a cheap model. Upgrading to an efficient, quiet, better quality fan will enhance the room’s appearance and comfort.

Ceiling Fan Repair Near Me

When you need to find a good ceiling fan repair company in your area, Mr. Electric will be ready to assist. For troubleshooting, fan repairs, and new installations, Mr. Electric has the experience and qualifications you need for fast and effective electrical services, including ceiling fan repair.

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