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Smoke Detectors

Residential building codes require smoke detectors to be in every home. Because fires can begin quietly and go undetected until it is too late, these alarms are essential for keeping your family and property safe.

Smoke detectors only work when they have a continuous electrical charge,...Continue Reading

If you have a bunch of extra light bulbs, you need to get organized with simple light bulb storage solutions. Here's how to store light bulbs safely.

Keeping things organized around the house controls clutter and makes it easy to find things when you need them. Having a system to keep everything in its place is a great way to start keeping your home organized.

One household item that gets overlooked when getting organized is spare...Continue Reading

Want to learn more about smart electricity meters? Here are several of the best reasons why you should have a smart energy meter installed.

Over the past several years, utility companies have been gradually rolling out smart electricity meters across the country. Smart energy meters are a significant technological upgrade from old analog electricity meters and offer many benefits to utility companies and their customers alike....Continue Reading

Knowing how to reset a motion sensor light can save you a lot of hassle and money. Try these tips for troubleshooting a motion sensor light.

Has your motion sensor light stopped working, or is it stuck in the on or off position? A motion detector light is sensitive to power surges and blinks and sometimes will not work correctly following an electrical episode. While you may think the fixture is broken, many times, it just requires a...Continue Reading

Want to learn how to clean ceiling fans without making a mess? What about grimy or very high fans? Mr. Electric’s ceiling fan cleaning hacks cover this and more.

Ceiling fans create a refreshing breeze to keep rooms comfortable and add attractive decorative accents to living spaces, but what can you do about all that dust? And what’s the trick to cleaning a greasy kitchen ceiling fan or fans attached to super high ceilings?

Dirt on ceiling fans...Continue Reading

Are your extension cords becoming a huge mess? Try these electrical cord storage ideas to create order and ensure your cords are ready to go when needed.

Are you in a power struggle with your power cords? Lack of proper extension cord storage can be a real hassle for homeowners. The cords may be eyesores that disrupt your living space ambiance or genuine hazards to safety in your home. Either way, you need to find a...Continue Reading

Is your exhaust fan slowly dying? Mr. Electric’s tips will help you perform your own bathroom exhaust fan replacement. Call us for new exhaust fan installation.

Are you dealing with mildew and bacteria in your bathroom because you do not have an exhaust fan? Or maybe your current fan just isn’t getting the job done.

An exhaust fan works to prevent mold and mildew growth throughout the bathroom. It’s unpleasant to wash up in a place that doesn’t...Continue Reading

Installing new outdoor wall lighting can be a great way to enhance your exterior spaces. Consider these outdoor lighting recommendations for your patio or deck.

Knowing where and how to install outdoor wall lighting can make a huge difference in your home’s appearance, safety, and value. Updating your outdoor lighting will enhance your outdoor living spaces and add a little curb appeal to your house. Mr. Electric® is here to help you find and...Continue Reading

Can you repair a loose electrical outlet box? Mr. Electric recommends you leave this type of project to the experts. A loose electrical outlet can be dangerous.

Electrical outlets are fastened to outlet boxes, which in turn are attached to the drywall or a wall stud. Over time, the outlet box can come loose from the material it was once anchored to. If you have ever pulled a cord out of an outlet and it felt like the whole outlet was going to come out...Continue Reading

Looking for ideas to reduce utility bills? Here are Mr. Electric's best tips for determining why your electric bill is so high, and what to do about it.

No one wants to be shocked by a staggering electric bill balance. However, utility rates are increasing almost every year, and the average family’s...Continue Reading